Axero integrates with Slack to make communication a breeze. Connect on Slack through profiles and employee hover cards or push Axero notifications into your Slack channels. It’s easy to communicate with the right person and keep everyone connected, right when you need to.

Slack intranet integration

Axero intranet is the best way to get your company organized and communicate internally. Axero integrates with Slack so you can automate updates into Slack channels and communicate quickly with employees and coworkers. Whether in a video chat, teleconference or channels or DMs, Axero creates one centralized place for communication critical to your team’s success.

Launch into private Slack chats from Axero.

This is the seamless collaboration solution for everyone using Slack. Axero integrates with Slack so communicating with colleagues is quick, easy, and can be done from anywhere. By connecting your Slack account to Axero, people can launch chats and conferences from employee profiles and hover cards.

No need to jump between platforms to reach the person you need—get it all done in Axero. Learn more about launching into Slack chats from Axero here.

Push Axero notifications into your Slack channels.

The Axero integration with Slack also allows you to automate notifications from Axero into Slack. By connecting spaces to their respective Slack channels, you add an immediate and effortless layer of visibility to important intranet activity so no one misses a beat. Announcements, new blog posts, and required reading material are some of the many notices you can push to your channels.

Axero intranet Slack integration

Just like that, everyone gets immediate notifications about relevant intranet activity in Slack!

Axero Slack integration

Axero is a unified platform for building modern intranets, employee portals, enterprise portals and so much more. It’s a people-first, mobile-ready solution that gives you the freedom to create exactly the digital workplace you want.

Axero is the only integrated platform for communication, knowledge management, collaboration, and employee experience. Integrate your business content, processes, employees, and more into a unified tool that puts your people at the center.

Axero is the intranet for Slack—bringing together all of your work communication in one place. With Axero, you can chat with coworkers and company employees, share files and collaborate, update your intranet, see what’s happening on the company calendar and much much more. Your team will be able to work together faster by utilizing the tools they already know and love—let’s face it, we all spend too much time looking at our phones instead of each other!

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