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Axero integrates with Microsoft Teams to make communication a breeze. Launch into Axero from your Teams app or connect on Teams through profiles and employee hover cards. Axero makes it easy to communicate with the right person, right when you need to.

Microsoft Teams intranet integration

Quick access to information makes a more productive team. Axero integrates with Microsoft Teams so communicating with colleagues is quick, easy, and can be done from anywhere—even in your intranet.

Spark conversation with the colleague you’re looking for. Connect with a team member. Reach out to a director. By connecting your Teams account to Axero, people can launch chats and conferences from employee profiles and hover cards. Your people are your greatest asset. That’s why we created the Axero integration with Microsoft Teams—so you can bridge communication gaps and bring everyone together in one collaborative, social platform.

  • Connect ― Spark conversations from your employee profiles and hover cards.
  • Reach out ― Reconnect with a colleague.
  • Chat with a team member ― Seek someone’s expertise.
  • Meet with a director ― Invite a leader to join the conversation.  

Connecting your Axero intranet accounts to Microsoft Teams is quick and easy.

Launch Axero from your Microsoft Teams portal

Bring together the tools and platforms that matter most to your organization by embedding Axero as an app inside your Microsoft Teams app! This way, users can quickly launch into Axero from Teams, saving them time and taking organization to the next level.

Inspiring people to collaborate beautifully

Higher employee productivity, more efficient communication, increased collaboration. Connecting your Microsoft Teams account to Axero intranet allows employees to discover each other’s work and spark conversation.

Securely connect your Microsoft Teams account to Axero Intranet

Axero is an intranet that integrates with Microsoft Teams. It allows you to communicate with your employees in Teams messaging and gives you access to employee profiles and company-wide meeting information. Connecting your Microsoft Teams accounts with Axero provides the ability for people to connect directly with a colleague using their Team’s chat. Hover over an employee’s name badge to see a quick profile overview

The first pure cloud business intranet, built to integrate with Microsoft Teams. Enjoy tight integrations with the tools you already use like Office 365, Google G Suite, Slack, Dropbox and more. Axero intranet helps you improve employee engagement by integrating with Microsoft Teams and other popular apps teams love.

It’s ultra-easy to set up. Our plug-ins for Teams, Office 365, OneDrive and SharePoint will get you the most out of these applications. You can enable these integrations from the Axero intranet dashboard for an entire organization, or individually for selected users.

Let’s connect Teams: Axero brings your people together across your intranet and Microsoft Teams. Connect your Microsoft Teams with a few clicks, giving you the ability to use Microsoft Teams with your own intranet. Then, keep your teams engaged in conversations happening across Office 365.

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