Intranet Wiki Software

Build a living library of helpful documents,
instructional materials, and self-help information.

Manage knowledge, collaborate on documents, and keep things organized with a Wiki.

Intranet Wiki Software


Share knowledge and expertise with Communifire intranet wiki software

Communifire is a complete enterprise level intranet wiki software platform that works well for small businesses and can scale for enterprise level companies.

Make collaboration a snap with the wiki. Share collective knowledge and best practices. Use the history and compare features to check the differences between versions. Rollback to older versions whenever needed.

The Communifire enterprise wiki is a prominent part of the knowledge management software platform, while ensuring it’s easy to use and accessible to even the newest of users.

The wiki feature can enable creation and management of wikis on the community, fueling the knowledge sharing and collaboration abilities.

Benefits of intranet wiki software for the enterprise

  • The wiki section in the community features a “wiki index,” displaying the most recently updated wiki pages, along with details of the owner, number of views and comments. A right side bar displays the most popular Wiki pages based on views, comments, and other parameters.
  • Creating a new wiki is a breeze with the ‘Add Wiki Page’ option. It’s as simple as creating a page title, using the fully functional text editor to create and edit the page content (no need of knowing any tags), uploading any attachments, adding appropriate tags and clicking the create button.
  • Editing wikis created by other users is just as simple by clicking the “Edit” option and using the advanced WYSIWYG editor to make updates. It includes all of the most common formatting options, making it easy to get the layout you want.
  • Every wiki page has a detailed history that can be accessed. The history option specifies the version of the document, when it was last updated, by whom, and also offers a rollback option to restore the document back to a specific update. Users can also compare versions to visually see the differences.
  • A commenting section allows discussions to happen around a Wiki page without having to actually edit the content of the page itself. Comments include like/dislike buttons and ratings. Comments can also be moderated by using workflows.
  • If someone is editing a wiki, it is placed in a “locked” status so no one else can make edits until it’s unlocked. People can also message the person who has it locked, asking them permission to unlock it.
  • Wiki pages can be shared with others, printed, or exported to PDF format so you can take them offline.
  • The admin section has powerful options to manage comments, set workflows, control moderation, and set wiki permissions for advanced security.

The Communifire intranet wiki software application offers the best of what this technology has to offer, jump start your knowledge sharing and online collaboration capabilities while still ensuring ease of use.

What is Communifire?

Communifire is a social intranet platform that integrates content management, internal communication software, collaboration tools and knowledge sharing into a secure online environment.

Organizations of all sizes use Communifire to increase employee engagement, accelerate business collaboration, and build customer loyalty.

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