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Communifire ASP.NET knowledge base software allows you to post content once and have it learned by many.

A knowledge base creates a single secure repository of information by gathering the collective wisdom of a company, thus avoiding the lose of valuable intellectual property when a person suddenly leaves. Using a “social” knowledge base creates an environment where more people are encouraged and feel comfortable contributing what they know to help others do their job better. The days when people jealously guarded their knowledge and considered it their greatest asset are fading, replaced by a new generation who share openly using social tools and consider their ability to use information their greatest contribution.

Document knowledge collaboratively.

There are plenty of popular online knowledge bases that have used wikis to provide a source for information and knowledge. You can use the same tool to build out your own library of online resources.

The wikis in Communifire provide a collaborative way to build knowledge.

While a single person starts a wiki for a topic, anyone can contribute what they know to it — so the final result is something greater than what any one person could do alone.

The wiki’s history shows each change made by users, with the ability to roll back to a previous version so no one need worry about contributing what they know.

A knowledge base has significant value as an internal resource — though it doesn’t stop there. The wikis can also be used to create a knowledge base for customers, to save time and effort for customer support.

ASP.NET Knowledge Base Software

Build knowledge organically through discussions.

A knowledge base need not be entirely planned out and structured.

Simply capturing daily Q&A interaction in a publicly accessible format provides a great way to build up knowledge.

Communifire’s ASP.NET social knowledge base software features a number of social collaboration tools that allow you to build your knowledge base organically.

The discussion forum is one that allows a variety of users to share ideas quickly about a topic.

The case tracker feature allows for a more structured Q&A with experts. Questions can be assigned to specific users and their status tracked through to final answer.

In some instances, the discussions and questions that come up organically can prompt the creation of more detailed wikis, a way to prioritize the development of internal and external knowledge base resources.

ASP.NET Discussion Forums

Smart filters to discover the best content.

As your knowledge base grows, Communifire offers a powerful set of tools to bring the most valuable content to the surface.

In addition to the standard social “like button” to show approval for content and share with followers, all content in Communfire can also be ranked using a 5-star (with half stars) ranking.

Then when new users are looking for content in a particular area (or across multiple areas) they can pull up a list of the highest rated content.

Alternatively if they are looking for frequently used resources they can pull up a similar list showing the most viewed content.

In addition to having this option when browsing content in particular knowledge bases, aggregating such information to a community home page is a great way to get employees to the information they need quickly.

ASP.NET Intranet Ideation Software

Search and find the answer you’re looking for.

Information in the Communifire ASP.NET Social Knolwedge Base is organized into spaces, with all the resources for a particular project, department, or topic area found in one place.

This solves the common problem of having to search around in different file directories across different departments or through past emails, where the information may or may not be current.

With information and resources organized in a way that makes sense, the search functionality becomes less important but was not neglected in Communifire.

Communifire leverages the same Lucene search technology on such popular sites as LinkedIn and Facebook to create a flexible tool to discover content.

People can search the entire community for content with the search engine smart enough to only present what they have permissions to view.

Users can also narrow the search to a particular space, a particular content type or custom search filters an administrator sets up for the community.

Whether the knowledge is in a wiki, a forum, a Q&A with an expert, or even in a document, article, blog, video or photo, the search will find it and present a comprehensive catalog of related content.

ASP.NET Intranet Search Engine

Integrate with anything and everything.

Once you’ve connected people to each other and the information they need, the next logical step is to connect people to information and updates from your other applications as well.

This might be with such simple connections as links to other systems, Active Directory integration and single sign-on (SSO). Or more sophisticated integrations that bring systems into the Communifire user interface, delivering news from other websites into users activity streams, notifications, and spaces, while adding Communifire’s social functionality (comments, likes, ratings) to “apps” from your other systems.

Integrating with the Communifire social platform makes your other applications social, to increase sharing and collaboration all within a single ecosystem.

ASP.NET Intranet Integration

Customize and make it your own. Endless possibilities.

Communifire is an ASP.NET knowledge base framework. It has incredible power to change how people share and discover information in your organization, while offering incredible flexibility to solve countless other challenges in a single solution.

Go far beyond changing the logo and choosing between a variety of templates. With a basic understanding of CSS you can dramatically change the look and feel of your intranet to create a seamless interface with your other websites — or simply to provide a unique user experience.

It’s easy to add your own snippets of content or javascript throughout the site. And you can easily change the word choice or language used anywhere in the interface.

With a basic understanding of HTML, you can go even further, easily moving items around on a page to quickly (in a matter of hours) make something completely unrecognizable from the Communifire that you install in 2 minutes.

With a basic understanding C#, all limitations fall away. You can add new apps to the platform, bring in updates from other systems to populate the activity stream or notifications, or use Communifire’s broad range of applications and features in new and creative ways.

ASP.NET Knowledge Base System

ASP.NET knowledge base software made easy with powerful apps.

Communifire is an incredibly rich social platform. It contains all of the features to provide self-help resources for your employees and customers.

Wiki Pages

A complete enterprise level wiki platform. Collaborate on living documents, publish them to your knowledge base to provide self-service support.

Smart Search

Knows what you’re allowed to find and helps you find it. Use the extensive filter to target your search.

File & Document Management.

Files and documents become collaborative with comments, liking, and ratings. Upload, organize, share, manage versions, & preview online.

Discussion Forums

Engage people in an open discussion about a question or topic. Highlight answers and make them part of your knowledge base.

Blogs, News & Announcements

A complete enterprise level blogging platform. Open a channel for people to communicate and encourage the sharing of ideas and opinions.

Real-time Chat & Messaging

Instantly communicate in real-time. See who’s online and open up a conversation. Bring entire groups together with group messaging.

Activity Streams

Brings together all the new stuff that you need to know about from the people and groups you are connected to.

Spaces & Groups

Use spaces to bring people together with common interests. Let your community self-organize to create a rewarding social experience.

Photo & Video Sharing

A complete photo & video sharing experience. Upload and share photos in albums. Share your own video productions or the best of the web.

Task Management

Keep track of what’s due, when it’s due, and who’s responsible for getting it done. Great for scheduling projects, due dates, and deliverables.

Events & Calendars

Create and post events, meeting, happenings, and more. Invite others and collect RSVP’s. Get reminders and set up recurring events.

Gamification & Engagement

Encourage community engagement. Members compete with themselves and with each other to earn points for contributing to the community.


Source thoughts, opinions, and ideas from your employees, customers, and partners. Voice ideas, vote them, and bubble the best to the top.

Issue & Bug Tracking

Support your community by keeping track of questions, providing IT support, or handling customer support tickets.

Polls & Surveys

Take the pulse of your community. Let people tell you what’s important to them through single-question polls or multiple-question surveys.

Tech Specs

Communifire is developed using the ASP.NET Framework, C#, MS AJAX, jQuery and Microsoft SQL Server with generous notations. Learn more about the technology, architecture, and security of Communifire.

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Development platform

Communifire is more than a knowledge base – it’s an extensible ASP.NET based social business platform. Discover how you can make new tools, create useful integrations, and deliver next-generation online experiences.

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Documentation & How-to’s

Dig deeper into Communifire and check out our vast documentation and developer how-to’s. We’ve created these resources for ASP.NET developers in mind, so you can jump right in to solve specific problems.

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“Communifire powers our intranet, our public facing website, and our blog. Super easy to use … and with every release it gets better and better – and that’s really cool.”

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