Wheatgrasslove.com Uses Axero to Power their Intranet and Public Website

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The Company

Wheatgrasslove.com is a B2C ecommerce company that produces and sells the leading wheatgrass based health products for increasing your energy, improving your mood, and controlling your weight. 

The Challenge

Wheatgrasslove’s team was using various software tools to manage their daily operations. 

They had separate, non-integrated tools for sharing files, keeping track of tasks, team communication, and working together, which was costing them too much time and money. Communications between team members and important documents were getting lost in emails. They needed scalable collaboration and flexible communication tools to support their evolving business. 

“Whenever we were working on a document, creating marketing copy for the website, or writing a new blog post, we were sending the drafts back and forth in CC’s to each of the team members. Quite often, one of was working off of an earlier draft, so in essence, we were duplicating work and loosing precious time. When this began happening over and over again, we knew that we needed a software platform that would allows us work together more efficiently,” says John Fike, President of Wheatgrasslove.com.

“We tried Dropbox and Google Drive, and they worked for a short time, but what we found is that we were still spending most of our time communicating through email. Things were still getting lost. We came to the realization that we should probably start looking for intranet software. So we started our search and found Axero.”

The Solution

Wheatgrasslove.com switched to Axero in 2012 for all of its internal collaboration and communication. Since Axero’s toolset integrates collaboration, communication, and content management into one unified platform, Wheatgrasslove was able to break free of their email inboxes and file sharing services. Axero gives them a single online destination to organize their files, keep their conversations in context with documents and content, and power their public facing website.

“When we stepped into Axero, it felt right from the get-go. The interface of the software is extremely friendly, easy to use, and it didn’t take us much time at all to get started. Plus, the Axero team provides exceptional support. They are friendly, very easy to work with, and are genuinly interested in helping us get the most out of Axero,” says Fike.

A few months after Wheatgrasslove.com began using Axero as their intranet, the Axero team suggested that they move their entire website and blog into Axero. 

“What’s really cool is that not only can we use Axero for our intranet, it runs our public facing website and our marketing blog, too.”  

The Outcome

Now, when a Wheatgrasslove.com team member needs to communicate with someone, access a specific file or document, post a marketing blog, or keep track of their tasks, they log into Axero and use one of the many tools available.

“Axero has transformed the way we work together. It saves us time and money — and it keeps our business organized. No longer are we digging through emails, and calling each other 5 times a day to find documents,” says Fike.

“We know where everything’s at—it’s securly organized in Axero.”  

Written by

Tim Eisenhauer is a co-founder of Axero Solutions, a leading intranet software vendor. He's also a bestselling author of Who the Hell Wants to Work for You? Mastering Employee Engagement. Tim’s been featured in Fortune, Forbes, TIME, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, CNBC, Today, and other leading publications.


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