New in Communifire: Activity Streams and Wall Features

Get your community talking

Discover recent content by following community, spaces, and user updates with activity streams. Post updates to your wall where users can have discussions in a micro-blog format. Keep everyone in the loop with the activity stream, where recent activities get posted as things happen within your community. Latest wall posts, blog entries, comments, pictures, and videos shared by the members are posted to the activity stream.

The activity stream summarizes and displays all activities on one page, with links to all of the original items. The wall, by default, shows the combined view of user wall posts (along with comments) as well as the users activity stream. There are links to filter this Wall by:

  • wall posts + recent activty
  • just wall posts
  • just recent activity

You can also attach outside links to the wall using the share buttons. Communifire will automatically parse the attached links and pick up their description, title, and collection of all images in the link — one of which can be easily selected as the thumbnail for your post. Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe video links are also supported. When you post a Youtube video link on the Wall, Communfire will automatically parse the link and load the video along with a screenshot with title and description, both being editable.

You will see these activity streams on the community home page, each of your spaces home pages, the My Account’s default page, and the user profile page.

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