Migrate to Axero. Your Alternative and Better Employee Experience Platform

If you are here you are probably saying goodbye to Workplace by Meta and looking for an alternative… and you’ve come to the right place! See why Axero could be your new home base for employee engagement, productivity, and culture.

See what migration to Axero could look like for you!

Transform Your Workspace with Axero

As Meta officially shuts down Workplace, thousands of businesses are left searching for a new platform that bundles communication, collaboration, and engagement into one. Axero is designed to create a fully flexible and customizable workspace that enhances communication, collaboration, knowledge distribution, and company culture development.

Why Choose Axero Over Workvivo?

While Meta may endorse Workvivo as a preferred transition partner, Axero stands out by offering unparalleled flexibility, superior features, and seamless integrations with third-party applications. Our platform is tailored to meet your unique needs, no matter how complex they may be.

Enhanced Feature Comparison

Function Axero Workplace Workvivo
Fully customizable templates
AI-powered search
Smart search filters
Direct or group messagings
User implementation timeframe Flexible Flexible 7 weeks
Ticketing system
Features 123 69 77
Integrations 30 15 8
Mobile app availability
Document collaboration
Video conferencing integration
Multi-language support

Why Axero is the Best Choice


Axero offers fully customizable templates, allowing you to create a workspace that perfectly fits your organization’s needs. Unlike Workplace and Workvivo, Axero provides unmatched flexibility.

Powerful Integrations

With 30 integrations, Axero seamlessly connects with your existing tools, creating a cohesive digital ecosystem. This is significantly more than what Workplace (15) and Workvivo (8) offer.

Feature-Rich Platform

Axero boasts 123 features, far surpassing Workplace (69) and Workvivo (77). From AI-powered knowledge management tools to broadcasts and direct messaging, Axero has it all.

User-Friendly Implementation

Axero’s flexible implementation timeframe ensures a smooth transition, unlike Workvivo’s rigid 7-week setup.

Comprehensive Support

Our robust ticketing system ensures any issues are swiftly resolved, keeping your operations running smoothly.

Seamless Transition from Workplace

Axero understands the challenges businesses face during transitions. That’s why we offer comprehensive support to ensure a seamless migration from Workplace. Our experts will work closely with your team to customise the platform to your exact specifications.

The Axero Advantage

Community and Collaboration

Axero provides a dynamic space for employees to interact both personally and professionally. Our intuitive knowledge management system simplifies collaboration and information sharing, fostering a productive work environment.

Enhanced Productivity

With features like a conversational AI chatbot and smart filters, finding the right information is quick and effortless. This boosts productivity and ensures your team can focus on what truly matters.

Scalable and Affordable

Axero’s three-tier pricing model is designed to fit organizations of all sizes. Unlike Workvivo, we offer more features and integrations at a competitive price.

We Are the Future!

Axero is not just a platform; it’s a partner in your business’s growth. As Meta exits the scene, Axero is ready to step in and elevate your internal communication to new heights.

Ready to Make the Switch?

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