Mobile Intranet Software

Your intranet. Everywhere. Anywhere. Anytime.

Communifire makes it easier than ever to get things done at work. Connect people and take action like never before. Unify your organization and give your employees access to your intranet anywhere, anytime—from iOS and Android devices.

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Mobile Intranet Software
Mobile intranet software for employee communication

Your mobile intranet app for engaging mobile and deskless workers.

What you need to know, when you need to know it. Key insights from Communifire's mobile intranet software are just a few taps away—so that you can stay connected with your team and your business from wherever you are.

Mobile intranet App
Mobile Employee Directory

Instant people finder.

Imagine having all of your people together in one place, where you can search your company directory and find the people you need with the expertise and knowledge to get things done. Suddenly your business becomes more connected, more human, and more personal. People are easy to find and reach out to.

Mobile Employee Directory Software
internal communications app
Internal Communications

Make your internal communications irresistible.

Communifire delivers all the latest company, department and team news right to your smartphone. Engage deskless workers like never before. Keep everyone updated with all of the current happenings at your company.


Connect people and departments.

Set up spaces to bring people together for a project, a specific topic, an interest group, or for connecting company departments. Now you can keep everything organized. Everything's easy to find and nothing ever gets lost.

remote workspace app
collaboration app
Team Collaboration

Work better together.

Never miss a milestone again. By bringing the right people together to discuss a task, work on the same docs and share ideas, Communifire's collaboration software gives you what others only promise.

Social Networking

Go social without losing control.

Put information right where people can find and take action on it. Roles and permissions give you fine-grained control over your content. So you can ensure employees have access to the most-relevant spaces, while they aren't distracted by others.

workstream collaboration app
employee calendar app
Personal and Group Events

Never miss a date again.

Publish and track RSVPs for meetings, webcasts and conferences. Easily stay on top of all your important activities. Invite people to events without the back and forth and set up reminders so you don't have to remember your next meeting.

Push Notifications

Stay in the know.

Notifications give you quick access to everything about you. And they help you act efficiently by letting you know what needs your attention. Get the updates you need in real time.

mobile notifications app

Your business is different. Your app can be, too.

The Communifire mobile intranet software is available for Apple IOS and Android phones, tablets, and devices.

Communifire branded apps.

All plans include the Communifire branded apps. Download them free on the Apple App Store and Google Play. These apps will work on compatible smartphones and tablets and give you access to all of Communifire's features.


White labeled apps.

White label Communifire apps and add your own branding. Customize the icon that appears on your mobile device and the login splash screen with your company logo. Requires an annual investment and an Apple Developer Enterprise plan.