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Create virtual online workspaces
for anything.

A "space" is a hub where you can share content and collaborate with others on a specific job or topic. Set one up whenever you need one. Make it invite-only, or let anyone join. Ideal for company departments, project teams, and task forces.

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Online Workspaces

More than just a folder or page, a space is a pop-up community loaded with content and apps.

Create a space to help people work together on a project with the tools and content they need. You can set up a space to group your company departments. Or provide instant connections to co-workers on a job. Or organize the info you need right where you need it.

Create a space for anything.
Fill it with articles, photos, tasks, discussions...

Go from scattered collections of dropbox links and emails to a single space that houses everything you need to manage a subject or get a project done.

When you set up a space for a topic, project, campaign or department, you give everyone involved a central hub. Fill the hub with task lists, shared calendars, videos and articles. Let members chat, generate ideas and problem-solve. It's like creating a war room, filling it with a curated library, and inviting just the right people to discuss, work and grow your business.

Public Spaces

Let anyone join a space! People can easily search your intranet to find a space - or just browse the listing of your company's public spaces. Great for knowledge bases, communities and FAQs.

Private Spaces

Keep certain content, conversations and projects between selected people. Ideal for personal projects, departments, "top secret" task forces, functional groups and sensitive topics, like employee reviews.

Hybrid Spaces

Use permission controls and roles to keep some parts of a space private and let anyone in your org access other parts. For example, everyone may have access to an HR space, but only certain roles will have access to benefits information.

Nested Spaces

The larger a department or subject grows, the more nested spaces will help you organize content and make sure only the right people access certain info. Create a space for your entire marketing organization, and add sub-spaces within it just for the creative team, social media team and campaign reporting.

Isolated Spaces

Create a space just for guests, or non-employees. Members of isolated spaces can only access the content in that space and connect with people in that space. Use one for a forum or marketing initiative.

Moderated Spaces

When you need more control over a space, turn it into a moderated space. People that want to access the space will need to be approved by you first.

Break down silos and increase employee engagement with people and profiles.

Quickly find the person you need with your new Company Directory. Put faces to names using Personal Profiles - which include a person's contact info, activity stream and authored content. Plus, with gamified reward systems, you can acknowledge people for work well done and strengthen your company culture.

online workspaces

Create your space.

It only takes a minute to get started. Choose a space name and provide a description. Select privacy and moderation settings.

You decide what features you'd like to activate. Turn on discussions, blogs, and the wiki. Disable events and file sharing. It's up to you. And you can always turn them on or off when you need them.

Adding a space photo lets you brand your individual spaces and give them your own flavor.

Collaboration Tools

Get down to work.

Share Files & Documents

Quickly and easily upload, manage, and share your documents, files, and media into spaces. You'll always be organized and everything's easy to find.

Collaborate on Tasks & Content

More than just file sharing, Communifire increases productivity by allowing you to collaborate, organize, and have conversations around your content.

Stay Updated with Activity Feeds

Space activity feeds keep you updated in real-time. They give you a summary of all the stuff that you need to know about, plus keep you informed with all the new things that are happening.

Online Workspaces

Your spaces are easy to access. They're on every page.

Smarter navigation makes you more productive. We designed Communifire to be highly intuitive, so you'll worry less about the software and spend more of your time on what matters most to you.

Your spaces are accessible from any page. It takes just 2 small clicks to get wherever you're going. If you have lots of spaces, just type a few characters into the autofilter-search box and it will find the space you're looking for.

Space Settings & Management

Each space comes with its own management dashboard.

More power, more control. Each of your spaces comes with a robust administrative dashboard, so you can update settings, manage your members, and moderate content on the fly.

We designed it to be highly intuitive, so it's easy to learn, and even easier to use.

Work together online

Now, invite your people.

Unified collaboration under one roof. Invite anyone from inside or outside your business.

Bring in your employees to work together on projects. Invite your customers and wow them with your incredible level of service.

You can also set up roles and fine-grained permissions to decide what people can see and do.

But no matter what, you're always in full control.

Daily Activity Emails

You get even more tools to stay updated and productive.

Daily Activity Emails

Opt-in or out of daily space activity emails. They're sent at the end of each day detailing the latest activity that happened within all of your spaces.

Nested Spaces

Each space can have sub-spaces and each sub-space can have as many additional sub-spaces as you need. There are no limits.

Copy Spaces

Create a space. Then configure its permissions, moderation settings, and content settings. Use it as a template to rapidly launch new spaces to save you time. 

User & Member Management Tools

Member management.

It's always there when you need it. With the admin dashboard you can invite, manage, moderate, and oversee the members in each of your spaces.

Typically, Communifire handles all of this for you behind the scenes. But when you need to remove a user, re-send an invite, or approve a new signup, it's available to you in just a few clicks.

Manage & Moderate Content

Built-In tools for admins to govern and moderate content.

Space admins call the shots and run the show. Sometimes it's easier to manage content when you have a different view of the data. With these tools, you can drill down into the different content types, like blogs, wikis, and ideas to manage each and every page or post.

As an admin, you can find them, filter them, edit them, or delete them.

"How can I use Spaces?"

Let's take a look at some examples.

Spaces let you organize in a way that is comfortable and familiar to how you already work. There's virtually no learning curve and your people can step-right-in to get the job done. Escape org-charts and email inboxes. Unite marketing, sales, and product development so they can collaborate like never before. Turn your customers into raving fans. You can launch communities for just about anything -- the sky is the limit.

Project Collaboration

Your people are everywhere, but work gets done here. Give your people the power to self-organize into project teams. Work with people inside and outside your business. Setup secure online workspaces where you can collaborate on tasks, share files, and communicate effectively. And keep your project teams on time and on budget with project updates, requirements, to-do lists, and milestones.

Company Departments

Create a space for each of the separate departments or divisions within your business. Set one up for Human Resources to host company policy information, keep new employee packages organized, and answer your employee HR related questions. Give Marketing & Sales their own space to collaborate on leads, share sales tactics, and manage their daily to-do lists. Create a space for your IT department and host a dynamic Help Desk, keep track of software bugs, and create and share technical documentation.

Customer Extranets

Bring your customers even closer into your business by providing each of them with a private communication booth. Not only can you create an online workspace for all of your customers, you can create a space for each one of your individual customers. Provide them a private and safe area where they can communicate and collaborate directly with your team – while keeping all of the conversations and information private to only those you invite into the space.

Self-Serve Knowledge Base

Post your content once and have it available to anyone, anytime. Organically capture your organizational knowledge from on-site collaboration and conversations. Or create a space and populate it with all of your knowledge base articles and how-to's, letting people serve themselves 24/7. You will reduce support emails and phone calls, lower service costs, and create happier customers and prospects.

Customer Support Spaces

No longer do you need a separate support forums and ticket tracker for providing top-notch support to your customers. Keep your customers close -- and keep them happy and coming back for more. Create a space specifically for them to log on and get help, ask questions, help each other, and browse your knowledge base. Communifire helps you build and retain customer relationships, increase loyalty, and provide the enterprise-level of support they expect.

Onboarding & Training

Empower your new employees to hit the ground running by accelerating their orientation and training. Launch communities for new employees and subject-matter experts so they can connect and help each other. Increase educational engagement and knowledge retention by using both formal and informal learning programs. Learning becomes social, and more fun, and new hires are more effective more quickly.

Marketing Communities

Why let leads flounder on Facebook? Customize and launch a public space for your next campaign, and add images, brochures and new blog posts to it. Add a poll. Answer questions. Let prospects and customers engage with each other while you moderate. Include Pinterest-worthy pics and tweetables, and get SEO juice by driving people to your domain, not Facebook.

User & Affinity Groups

Host a space for people to connect around a topic related to your business -- where members can publish "how-to blogs," take part in industry related discussions, and provide real-life opportunities for learning from the shared experiences of other members. Post periodic meetings, user conferences, webinars, lectures, newsletters, a library of media or tools, and social events. Generate content organically and turn your business into a thought leader and the go-to source of industry info.

Sales Enablement

Launch a space and invite your entire sales team. Communifire helps you onboard new sales reps faster and cut training costs, because it puts essential training tools and resources right at their finger tips and connects them to your more experienced sales reps. Upload sales collateral for everyone to access anytime, from anywhere they're located. Your sales reps can ask the rest of your team questions and find the info they need to close deals faster. You can even create deal rooms, where you bring in your leads and plan, manage, and execute the sale in a secure online location.

99% of Communifire customers are still actively using the platform after 5 years.

Discover why organizations are hooked on Communifire.

"Communifire's online workspaces allow us to provide 24/7 support to our customers, they organize our special projects with partners, and our internal departments use them to work together. And we constantly discover new ways to use them. Phenomenal is the word I use, we hit the jackpot with Communifire."

Chuck Vigeant
President, Clearify

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