The Dropbox integration for Axero is an easy way to unite all of your documents, right in your intranet.


The Dropbox integration with Axero makes uniting all of your documents in your intranet easy.

  • Stay organized — Everyone can find what they need in Communifire—all Dropbox files are synced and searchable in your intranet.
  • Increase productivity — No more shuffling between platforms to find what you need. Stay on track, save time, and get more done.
  • Content is always up-to-date — You’re always looking at the latest document version. Add or delete files in either platform and both update with our two-way sync.
  • Extra layer of security — Use Dropbox for external storage for documents.

The Dropbox integration centralizes your files and gives your employees a true hub for the information and resources they need to do their jobs efficiently.

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"file storage game-changer!"
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