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Intranet Software for Nonprofit Organizations

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If you're looking for easy-to-use intranet software for your nonprofit, then you've come to the right place. Communifire is an integrated set of tools that you can use to connect your people, organize your work and get things done.

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Intranet Software for Non Profits

Imagine All Your People, Conversations and Documents in One Central, Instantly Searchable Hub.

Imagine the ease of collaboration. The free flow of conversation. The sharing of knowledge. This is your social intranet powered by Communifire.

Powering Intranets at Nonprofits Doing Amazing Things

June 5, 2016

"Communifire is amazing. We use it as our intranet and as our public facing community. It organizes our internal planning, lets us cultivate our community, and engage our members. It's awesome!"
— Janine Jordan, Executive Director, Electronic Music Alliance 501(c)(3)

99% of Communifire Customers are Still Actively Using the Platform after 5 Years.

Discover why organizations are hooked on Communifire.

Your Intranet Can Be So Much More.

You want Social Intranet Software that makes it easy for you to organize your organization's people, documents, and data. That's a given. But what about one that enables you to do more? Imagine a new kind of intranet. An intranet that your people actually find value in visiting. An intranet that unites your employees, energizes your workplace, and is ridiculously easy to learn and simple to use. Communifire takes the concepts of old and clunky intranets and transforms them into an easy-to-use collaboration, communication, and knowledge management platform.

Centrialize Your Knowledge Base

Having access to information is important for your organization's healthy functioning. Keep your volunteers, coordinators, admin and partners connected and knowledgeable.

Increase Productivity

See your productivity rise when the hassles and barriers associated with slow file tranfers and sharing information via email are removed and you switch to Communifire.

Connect and Collaborate with Everyone

It's easy to form groups composed of members you choose. Come together and collaborate using online workspaces. Add partners, volunteers and admin. Get work done.

Organize Your Information

You've accumulated a ton of valuable data but it is of no use to you unless it is organized and accessible. Make your info actionable with excellent organization.

Keep Your Insight In Context

You know your seasoned staff have terrific insight from experiences over the years. Unlock that insight within the context of any topic. Make decision-making easier.

Build Loyalty For Your Brand

Reach a bigger audience when you build a company and brand that your staff, volunteers, admin and partners feel passionate about and share with others.

Search on Your Terms

You'll love the power of Communifire's search tool that helps you find all available information in your organization on any given topic at one time. Find what you need.

Any Device, Any Browser

With your volunteer workforce available at different hours and locations, you want to be flexible to accomodate their needs. Access information and collaborate from anywhere, using the device and browsers you choose. Get everyone on the same page.


Intranet File Management

Work Where the Files Are.

Managing the flow of information contained in your documents and files requires some planning. Too often non-profits suffer from large operational inefficiencies that paralyze progress and limit volunteers. Keep your board, partners and investors informed and engaged by providing them with necessary information as often as needed.

Your team of volunteers may need information on site on projects or you've got employee documents that require signatures for approval. Managing this process does not have to be hard. Instead of sending files through email and searching via online file management systems. Search for documents by content, author name, project name, associated tags and discussions using Communifire's secure document management system.

Be prepared with relevant information on concerns before you have to act on them. Communifire makes it easy for you to have the information you need at your fingertips regardless of location.

Preview documents before downloading. Update documents at any time. Review different versions of documents via Version Control. Add your feedback quickly using the "like" button or offer a longer response via a comment directly on documents.

Intranet Document Management

Instant People Finder.

Unlock the power of social business when you use Communifire's company directory and employee profile features. Every member of your organization will have access to a Communifire member profile. You can designate whether the individual is an employee or volunteer. Each member profile contains a plethora of information ranging from their name and contact information to their role, interests, a personal photograph and in-depth access to their activity through an activity stream, an index of content authored, their relationships, and the spaces and groups they belong to.

With all this information readily available at your fingertips, it is easy for you or anyone in your company to identify experts on any topic or concern, because Communifire is is the perfect intranet software for nonprofit organizations. Harness the rich insight available in the Communifire's company directory and get to know your community well. When you've got a project at hand, you can assemble a custom team quickly with the right knowledge and expertise to get your work done well. Grow bonds between the members of your organization and among employees, volunteers and management.

Personalize your business for the modern age and enjoy the advantages of social business such as deeper and better connections among your workforce and faster response times to issues. See your productivity rise. Get more work done - faster and better.

Every member's personal activity feed functions like Facebook's Wall with a constantly updated live feed of dynamic content. Every member has the power to publish and share. This encourages idea sharing and builds connections regardless of location. Log in and see what people are working on and what they've shared from links to blogs, events, photos or videos. Share your status updates and expertise. Invite feedback from your colleagues, volunteers and admin by mentioning people (@johnsmith for example). Start up new discussions using hashtags (#fundraising).

Employee Directory Software

Your Own Unique Intranet Homepage.

Imagine Having a Homepage That's Worth Visiting.

Enjoy access to an intranet homepage that is not only easy to use but your employees and volunteers love to use. Make your homepage that is uniquely yours. Add concepts, logos and branding and personalize your homepage. Include information from departments, groups and projects. Add relevant links for your volunteers and customize your company news feed. When you've got a significant update, it is easy to highlight it. Add feeds from your popular applications to customize your homepage. If you want to build custom features and add new applications, we're happy to help you figure out what's feasible and then we'll build it free of charge.

Intranet Homepage

Publish News, Announcements and Updates

With Your Activity Feed, you can easily share news, announcements and real-time updates. Add in any relevant threads to the HomePage. Personalize individual feeds to just receive pertinent information tied to your projects or volunteers. Keep your organization connected, informed and engaged. Add your insight and provide immediate feedback with the "like" button and commenting features.

Internal Communications Software
Private & Public Calendars

Keep Everyone On Track with Calendars.

Manage your time on your terms using Communifire's personal and shared calendars. Keep track of important appointments, meetings and events. Add reminders. Invite people outside your non-profit to attend events or meetings. Your invitations can be sent by email or directly from the calendar. Get things done and build your relationships with your key partners.

Create events for your personal calendar and also for your group, department or organization. Share events and entire calendars. You'll discover that Communifire's calendar is an attractive alternative to Outlook calendar and Google calendars with all the functionality you love in an intuitive, easy to use interface. With just a few clicks, you can create a calendar and share events. Color code your categories to personalize your activities for easy identification. Change the times for any events by just dragging and dropping scheduled activities.

Intranet Calendars

Breathe In. Assign Tasks. Breathe Out.

Every project, big or small, consists of a series of steps that need to be done. Each step involves several taks. In order to be efficient and make a good progression on your endeavors, you'll need an effective task management system. Communifire offers this and more. Assign or manage tasks for yourself, your volunteers, your employees and even your partners. Add reminders. Schedule project phases and due dates. Log in periodically to see progress and what is incomplete. Add new tasks as each project phase is completed. Keep your volunteers and workforce engaged and productive by making daily operations clear and simple.

Intranet Task Management

Find Anything and Everything Fast.

Communifire's Contextual Search function offers the robust functionality that every person who has ever searched for a document, dreams of. Pull up all the information available in your organization on any given topic at any time, including documents, files, commentary, relevant conversations and insight. Find the information you need instantly. Skip the hassles and delays associated with searching for information through email. Enjoy the ease of use of powerful, swift search functionality so you can get to work faster.

Intranet Search

Create Workspaces for Your
Departments and Teams.

Go from scattered collections of Dropbox links and emails to a single space that houses everything you need to manage a subject or get a project done.

Connect Your Employees.

Work together in groups you create, comprised of your volunteers, employees, administration or partners as you need. Communifire offers dynamic workspaces online where you can manage projects, share information and connect individual personnel and departments. Add more members as you see fit. Build community around content.

Collaborate on Projects.

You'll discover that Communifire's online workspaces are not only scalable but also come equipped with powerful features. Determine which features you want to activate. Add discussions, blogs, file sharing and/or events. Adjust the privacy and moderation settings. Make your workspaces unique by adding names, logos and other ways to personalize groups or projects. Build community on your terms.

Be More Productive.

As your workforce embraces using online workspaces, you'll discover that these spaces become productive hubs for daily operations, idea generation and creating brand loyalty among your members. You'll also benefit from access to other Communifire features such as shared calendars, task management, document management, publishing tools, social collaboration. See your productivity go up. Share insight easily. Get connected.

Intranet Workspaces for Departments and Teams

Why Communifire?

  • Many Use Case Scenarios
    Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, you get a single, integrated platform for multiple solutions.
  • You Get Customizable Security
    Built with security in mind, Communifire uses the most modern technologies to keep your business data safe.
  • Apply Your Own Style & Brand
    From branding and customization, to integrating with your existing systems, you can make it truly unique.
  • It Adapts to How You Work
    Your business is unique. Communifire is designed to be flexible, you have full control over how it works for you.
  •  Easy to Learn, Easy to Use
    Communifire doesn't require lots of training -- because it was designed with concepts you are already familiar with.
  • Bring Your Own Device
    Communifire gives you an exceptionally fluid interface that adapts automatically based on the device you are using.

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