Communication Strategy For An Organization

Build your business and improve communications with Communifire.

Discover precisely how fluid communication can transform your organization with Communifire.

Communication Strategy for an Organization


Perfect Your Communication Strategy with Communifire

Discover precisely how fluid communication can transform your organization with Communifire.

Have you wondered what your company could accomplish if everyone was on the same page? Are you worried about your business’s ability to maintain growth and productivity in a highly competitive corporate environment? The solution to your corporate woes is Communifire.

Developed to unite all aspects of a communication strategy for an organization, Communifire’s internal communications software simplifies both internal and external lines of communication. Featuring innovative tools designed to make collaboration instant, effective, and fun, our platform ensures every department, team, and employee stays in-the-loop.

Eliminate dropped calls, missed messages, or confusing updates by channeling corporate communications through one cloud-based platform. Give your business the flexibility it needs to thrive when using a secure intranet to unite teams and communicate with clients.

Explore the ways in which your business can benefit from cutting edge software designed to simplify communication.


  • Distribute virtual pats on the back with company announcements and notifications
  • Keep everyone involved with a project or initiative using virtual work spaces
  • Encourage employees to effect change with discussion forums
  • Use cloud-based brainstorming tools to expedite innovation
  • Promote harmony throughout your organization with instant communication
  • Announce important company changes or new campaigns instantly

Features Overview

  • Use virtual work spaces to keep client information secure and organized while a project is in development. Control permissions to allow only those involved with the project to participate, including team members, management, and clients.
  • Achieve milestones quicker when adding collaboration tools to the internal communication strategy for an organization. Avoid buried emails, pending voice mails, and paper messaging by keeping all corporate conversations in one place.
  • Encourage employees to contribute ideas and suggestions capable of making your organization more successful with Ideation. Explore topics related solely to your business or start a conversation about a client’s needs without excluding important team members.
  • Eliminate duplicate tasks and remedy time sinks when using Communifre as the core of your business communication. Make it simple, fun, and quick for team members to reach out to peers, management, departments, and clients from within the platform.
  • Innovate the training process by using video, images, and Wiki pages to clearly communicate ideas. Reduce confusion about new policies, answer questions to policy concerns, and disseminate updated procedures without wasting time with email, phones, or memos.
  • Add a social element to collaboration with @mentions, #hashtags, and sharing features found in the most popular social networks. Instead of presenting barriers to communication, Communifire’s software streamlines the communication strategy for an organization.
  • Motivate employees to share knowledge, tips, and advice using articles and blogs while fostering a sense of unity throughout your organization. Create conversations within your company or empower clients to interact by establishing a virtual knowledge base.
  • Simplify task, project, and initiative management with the Case & Issue Tracker. Keep everyone updated about a topic’s status, encourage feedback, and make changes without missing a beat.

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