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Social Business Software

Social Business Software

Social Business Software

Community. Conversation. Content. Collaboration.

Communifire integrates enterprise social networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing into a complete social business platform.

Starting at $49 / month for 10 users.


From connecting your employees and streamlining communication to enhancing collaboration with your customers and managing content, Communifire combines it all into a flexible, integrated social business software platform.

Improve Workplace Communication.
Communifire helps you communicate more effectively with your employees, customers, and partners. Break down location, organizational, and time barriers. Start conversations and share knowledge across your company.

Increase Employee Engagement.
Create, manage, and leverage collective knowledge, talent, and expertise to solve problems quicker, make better decisions, and innovate faster. Build a thriving company culture by connecting your employees with the people and information they need to do their job.

Build Customer Loyalty.
Connect and serve your customers through the same integrated platform. Provide self-help resources, build a knowledge base, eliminate email support, and delight your customers.

How Can Communifire Help You?

Enterprise Social Networking

From activity streams and notifications to private messaging and microblogging, Communifire gives you an integrated environment for sharing, connecting, collaborating, and communicating.

Social Intranet & Portal

Create a vibrant and active intranet portal where your employees work with people, data, and documents. Publish company news and keep everyone updated, find experts in your company directory, and make things more human with personal profiles.

Business & Employee Collaboration

Give your people the power to self-organize into project teams. Work with people inside and outside your business. Setup secure online workspaces to collaborate on tasks, share files, and communicate like you always imagined.

Knowledge Management

Proactively document and organize your company's knowledge. Build knowledge organically from collaboration and conversations. Make information social, searchable, and available to those who need it, when they need it.

Customer Support Community

Interact with your customers in real time, launch customer support communities, provide self-help knowledge bases, build customer relationships, and increase customer satisfaction.

The Social Fabric of Your Organization.

Communifire combines the most complete set of features for building communities, streamlining communication, enhancing collaboration, and managing content -- all in an integrated social business platform.

Launch Online Workspaces

Organize people and information naturally.

In real world business scenarios, people form sub-groups, such as departments, teams, or interest groups, and need a workspace where they can connect.

In Communifire, most work and collaboration is done Spaces, sub-communities that have their own membership, apps that you can turn on and off, and independent rules and permissions.

You can create Spaces for your intranet, company departments, projects, customers, interest groups, or anything else you want to gather around. All the collaboration, conversations, and content are organized in your Spaces, easy to find whenever they are needed.

Social Business Software

Improve Business Communications

Communicate and engage with a broad audience.

Communifire becomes the hub of your company communications between employees, customers, partners, stakeholders, and anyone else you'd like to involve in the conversation.

It's a single place for secure private messaging, individual and group chats, discussions around documents and content, status updates, and more.

Communicate in real-time and asynchronously through a wide range of integrated components. You'll see an increase in productivity, a reduction in face-to-face meetings, and your people will be more connected.

  Activity Streams

Brings together all the new stuff that you need to know about from the people and groups you are connected to. Comment, like, & share options are included.

  Private & Group Chat

Instantly communicate in real-time. See who's online and open up a conversation. Bring entire groups together with group chat. Chats are stored in each user's inbox for later.

  Comments, Likes, & Ratings

Turn every piece of content into a real-time conversation. Comments include individual like counts, rating controls, and media-rich embedding options.

  Private Messaging

Break free from email. Send private messages to each other or to groups of people for confidential information sharing. Highly integrated with the chat feature.

Social Business Tools

Improve Knowledge Management

Manage, capture, share, organize and contextualize content.

Communication and collaboration typically revolves around content. Communifire has a powerful and easy-to-use social content publishing and knowledge management software system built into it's social fabric.

The content you add to Communifire instantly becomes social and shareable. Whether you're uploading documents or photos and videos, or publishing new content in blogs, wikis, and articles, your people can interact with it by commenting, liking, rating, and sharing.

All content in your Communifire social business platform can be tagged with keywords and #hashtags, providing context and making it easier to find while connecting you to other related information. Set up moderation and approval workflows to be passed before content becomes accessible.

Browsing by the highest rated, most viewed, and most commented is a quick way to discover what is resonating best within your community. And individuals can quickly access their own content, regardless of where it's created, from their MyAccount area.

Everything's organized in an easy to understand and logical way. It's usually where you'd expect it to be, or the powerful contextual search will track it down for you.

  Files & Document Management

Upload, manage versions, and organize files. Preview before downloading & share them quickly & easily with others.

  Blogs & Articles

A complete blogging and article mgmt. system. Open a channel for people to share ideas, opinions, and knowledge.

  Calendars & Events

Create and post events, meeting, happenings, and more. Invite others and collect RSVP’s. Get reminders and set up recurring events.

  Wiki Documents

Build and share collective knowledge and best practices. Use wikis to collaborate, share ideas, plan projects, create a knowledge base, and much more.

  Photo & Video Sharing

A complete photo & video sharing experience. Upload photos to albums and publish videos.


Give your people a platform to voice their ideas, vote on them, and have the most important bubble to the top.

Spark Team Collaboration

Work together with everyone, anywhere, anytime.

Communifire gives you a full range of social collaboration tools. You get wikis, blogs, task management, personal & shared calendars, video & photo sharing, activity streams, notifications and more. They are familiar and easy to use, eliminating most, if not all of the learning curve for your employees. 

Connect people across your organization and departments to get real work done, not just have conversations.

Discover expertise by tapping into collective knowledge and human assets inside and outside your organization. Break down silos and share information with the people who need it, when they need it.

Social Collaboration Tools

Stay in Complete Control

You determine who can see and do what.

The security, permissions management, and moderation in Communifire is robust and flexible -- able to serve a diverse set of requirements.

You can have everyone contribute openly and freely, where everyone is involved and no one feels left out. When you have sensitive information that can only be seen by people who know how to handle it, you can lock it down.

Empower your employees and even open your Communifire community to partners and customers, while still maintaining full control.

Social Business Software Security

A Kaleidoscope of Business Solutions.

Communifire is an extremely flexible, integrated social business software platform. The solutions listed below can be realized together in one instance of Communifire, out-of-the-box, so you can use them based on your unique needs.

But it doesn't stop there.

Since Communifire is easily customized and built upon, you can create your own unique solutions by adding your own functionality, integrating with your existing systems, or building something entirely new and exciting.

Communifire Social Business Solutions at a Glance.

Now you can do it all with just one integrated platform.

Team Collaboration

Manage your projects, tasks, teams, and people. Your people are everywhere. But work gets done here. Form teams around topics of interest and individual projects. Work with people inside and outside your business. Everything you need is in one place. Assign tasks and due dates. Collaborate on new ideas and don't miss a beat with regular updates in your activity stream and notifications.

Social Intranet

Connect your employees like never before. Turn your intranet into a thriving ecosystem of ideas. Socialize static and boring content. Find co-workers that have the expertise to get things done. Author rich content. Access information and connect easily. Give everyone a face and a voice. And everything becomes more personal and more human.

Customer Service

Build and retain your customer relationships. Create a community for your customers where they can serve themselves with a library of wiki documents, photos, videos and other files. Open up a discussion forum so they can help each other and find answers to common questions. Turn on case management so they can submit private questions and issues to your support team.

Knowledge Management

Post content once, have it learned by many. Conversations, ideas, and best practices become searchable and social. Document knowledge collaboratively with wikis. Build knowledge organically through discussion forums and question & answer. Discover the best content by sorting and filtering. Or find the answer you're looking for with the robust and flexible search.


Life's better when we're connected. Create your own online community and social networking website for business, organizations, interest groups, or just about anything. Communifire combines the best features of social networking, community software, content publishing, and collaboration tools you need to create your own vibrant social networking website.

Developer Platform

Have it your way. Now you can make new tools, create useful integrations, and deliver exceptional, next-generation online experiences. Rapidly build new apps on top of Communifire. Integrate Communifire and add the power of social to your existing products. Realize your own unique vision - Communifire is fully customizable to how you want it to work.

Social Learning

Increase educational engagement and knowledge retention. Use both formal and informal learning programs. Learning becomes social by allowing people to ask their colleagues and learn on the job.

Sales Communities

Connect your sales team in new ways that you never thought possible. Encourage the spread and expansion of ideas. Arm them with better tools and information. Better manage opportunities. All in one platform.

Marketing Communities

Launch a community for people to learn more about your product and discuss its benefits and uses. You can demonstrate your commitment and build trust. Create a site that fits your image and enhances your brand.

Customer Extranets

Your partners and customers expect access to the most reliable, accurate, and up-to-date information. Give your customers and partners a central location to easily share information, files, and work together.

Employee Onboarding

Empower your new employees to hit the ground running by accelerating the orientation and training process. Launch communities for new employees and subject-matter experts so they can connect and help each other.

Social Innovation & Ideation

Crowdsource innovative new ideas and bring better products and solutions to market. Launch virtual focus groups for customers and others to share and debate ideas in private or public communities.

Trusted by many

We're fortunate to have some really awesome customers. They are the backbone of our company and drive the future of Communifire. They range from some of the largest companies in the world, to start-ups, and non-profits. Here are a few that use Communifire to power their communities.

Communifire Customers & Reviews

Why Communifire?

Comprehensive Features

Developed with our customers, Communifire combines the features necessary for social collaboration to be successful.

Flexible Platform

From branding and setting up spaces to adding your own functionality and integrating with other systems, Communifire adapts to you.

Intuitive Interface

Communifire doesn't require training to learn. It was designed on concepts people are familiar with from public social networks.

Provides Real Value

We've priced Communifire to make it easier to fit it into your budget. It packs in a lot of value for the money, with fewer compromises.

Secure Technology

Communifire was designed to prevent unauthorized access ... and our hosting and billing are secured beyond industry standards.

We Want You to Succeed

We're a small company, but we put everything we have behind your success, realizing we can't succeed unless you do.

Communifire gives you peace-of-mind.

Features & Functionality

We provide the features our customers need to be successful. It's not about adding features just because we can. How the features are implemented are just as important. We pay attention to those details by developing a robust platform and adding features intelligently to it.

Uses & Solutions

You get the greatest value from software from how you use it and what solutions it provides. Communifire is flexible. You can use a single solution for multiple purposes.

Total Cost of Ownership

Price is important and a competitive advantage for Communifire. But it is important to look at the Total Cost. Communifire is easy to implement, no fees or services required. Communifire requires little to no training, it's intuitive. Communifire is easy and affordable to customize -- putting your unique community well within your reach.

Partnering for the Long-term

You don't want to have to change social platforms every year or two. You have to have confidence that your vendor will stick with you. Axero is privately owned, profitable, and debt-free. So you are our #1 focus. Our roadmap is driven by our customers. You are in charge of the product's future.

What our customers have to say.

Hear from more customers  

"The Communifire product is a stellar solution. I really wanted to thank you for everything you have done for us and the team here at OpenText."

Carlos Oliveira

Senior Director, OpenText

"We implemented our corporate social intranet with Communifire and we are more than pleased with the team, the product, and the professionalism exhibited."

Ei Ei Thu

Senior Consultant, PhillipCapital

"Communifire powers our intranet, our public facing website, and our blog. Super easy to use ... and with every release it gets better and better - and that's really cool."

John Fike

Founder, WheatgrassLove.com

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