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Name: Tim Eisenhauer
Rank: Professional Professional

Work information

Company: Axero
Industries: Information Technology
Occupation: Co-founder
About Me:

Bringing art to digital architecture, Tim is the co-founder and president of Axero. He's coding up a future where team collaboration runs as smooth as 20-year-old single-malt and intellectual capital flows effortlessly through every layer of your org chart. He's spilt insightful ink on the pages of Fortune, Forbes, TIME, Fast Company, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur.com, HR.com, CMSWire, CNBC, Today, and other top publications.

Website: https://axerosolutions.com

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Member since: 5/22/2013
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Personal Information

Name: Tim Eisenhauer
Twitter URL: http://www.twitter.com/communifire
Facebook URL: http://www.facebook.com/axerosolutions