How workplace distractions can actually boost productivity

Axero President and Co-founder, Tim Eisenhauer, talks with CIO about workplace distractions, how they’re good for your business, and how they can boost productivity among employees and management.


How workplace distractions can actually boost productivity

What are your employees up to when they’re not actively on task? Chances are, you’re thinking they’re surfing the Web, doing some online shopping or banking, or posting cat videos on Facebook. But research suggests that more “traditional” distractions, like trips to the break room, watercooler chat and trading gossip with their colleagues, are actually consuming more of workers’ time — and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Improving engagement

Social connections in the workplace can also contribute to greater employee engagement, which tends to correlate with better performance and productivity, says Tim Eisenhauer, co-founder and president of collaboration solutions company Axero Solutions.

“Everything falls apart when engagement levels suffer, and it’s a common problem for many businesses. Fortunately, engagement rates will improve if you let employees relax and converse,” and that translates to a much more positive corporate culture, Eisenhauer says.

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