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Enterprise Social Networking Software


Communifire is the Ultimate Enterprise Social Networking Software.

Communifire integrates social networking software, collaboration tools, and knowledge sharing into a secure online environment. Flexibility and scalability included.

Increase Workplace Productivity

Communifire helps you work more efficiently. Break down location, organizational, and time barriers. Connect, collaborate, and be more productive.

Boost Employee Engagement

Create, manage, and leverage collective knowledge, talent, and expertise to solve problems quicker, make better decisions, and innovate faster.

Build Customer Loyalty

Connect and serve your customers through the same integrated platform. Provide self-help resources, eliminate email support, and delight your customers.

Communifire's Social Business Solutions at a Glance.

Now you can do it all with just one integrated platform.

Team Collaboration

Communifire's social collaboration tools help your employees and teams work together in secure online workspaces, share expertise and knowledge, and improve workplace communication around your files, content, and projects.

Social Intranet

Communifire is the intranet software that's easy for you and your employees to use. It helps your organization work smarter, by powering company wide-collaboration, communication, and internal knowledge sharing.

Customer Service

Communifire's enterprise social networking software lets you interact with your customers in real time, launch customer support communities, provide self-help knowledge bases, build customer relationships, and increase customer satisfaction.

Knowledge Management

Build a living library of helpful documents, instructional materials, and self-help information. Communifire makes it easy for you to organize and share your company's knowledge and assets across departments and with customers and partners.

Online Communities

Create your own online community or social networking site for just about anything. Launch internal communities to work with employees and partners. Launch public communities for your organization, non-profit, or shared interests.

Developer Platform

Communifire is most flexible and best social networking platform on the planet. Accelerate your development, integrate, connect, and socialize your existing software platforms and build next-generation social applications.

"An overly impressive platform"

The framework and depth of Communifire has been overly impressive and has allowed us to move forward very quickly. The support staff and developers have always come through with incredibly quick fixes, updates, and enhancements -- allowing us to know that we have a lasting relationship with Axero. We strongly recommend them!

— Brian Knight, Principal, Pragmatic Works Software


Top Social Business Resources

Get the knowledge you need to enhance and grow your business.

Increase Employee Engagement

Straight from some of the happiest workplaces in America, this easy-to-read, information packed eBook covers 22 practices that will instantly help you increase employee engagement in your company.

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Grow Your Business with Collaboration Tools

With the right collaboration tools, you can empower your employees to innovate, improve productivity, and make better decisions. Learn how collaboration software fits into your business.

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Your Complete Social Intranet Buyer's Guide & Handbook

Read this informative eBook to get practical advice on buying a social intranet and how it can help your business communicate better, increase productivity, and collaborate with each other better than ever.

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People around the world rely on Communifire to simplify their life, work smarter, stay organized, and help their customers.

So they can do what matters most ...

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