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The Social Platform for Work
Intranet Solutions & Collaboration Software


Communifire is the first intranet software
tailored to your organization.

Your people, your documents, your projects.
Instantly searchable, intuitively organized, and together at last.

Why Our Customers Have a 99% Success Rate

Communifire is tailored to fit how you work, so there's no need to train employees on newfangled methods. Our user experience adapts to fit your organization -- never the other way around.

Everything your people
need is in here.

  • Employees, teams, customers, groups.
  • Documents, content, files, other important stuff.
  • Conversations, projects, schedules, tasks, workspaces.

When they need it.

  • One click to find what you need -- or who you need.
  • Search everything, anywhere.
  • Navigate wiki. By space. By homepage. By activity stream.

In context, so people can collaborate without missing a beat.

  • Find a person. Find supporting information.
  • Check off a task. Solve a problem.
  • Complete a project together. Bam.

Does this sound familiar?

"I just can't get anything done at work!"

Mobile Intranet Software

Then Communifire
is your intranet platform.

Teams that use Communifire don't need to interrupt each other to stay on the same page. Communifire keeps conversations and documents in context. Right where the work is already happening.

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"Communifire was the only intranet solution we could easily customize for each team, without IT or consultants."

Rebecca Verhoeff Executive Vice President, Best Collateral, Inc.

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