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Document Management Software

Social Document Management Software & Online File Sharing

If you're looking for an easy-to-use and powerful social document management software for your business, then you've come to the right place.

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Document Management Software

Imagine All Your Documents and Files in One Central, Instantly Searchable Hub.

Communifire is a complete enterprise level document management software platform and file management system for small businesses to large companies.

Powering Document Management at Growth-Focused Businesses
  • Toyota
  • Bravo
  • Web.com
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  • Dannon
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"Communifire connects our 3500+ employees from 16 countries in 42 different offices, and it's like we are all working from the same room. It keeps our internal conversations, documents, and files organized and easy to find ... all in one place."

Ei Ei Thu
Senior Consultant, Phillip Capital

Why Communifire?

Communifire is the document management system of choice for business of all types, from 2 person teams and startups, to small business and all the way up to huge corporations! You want document management software that makes it easy for you to organize your company's files, documents, and digital assets. That's a given. But what about one that enables you to do more? Forget about shared drives and FTP. Keep your entire organization on the same page, literally, by uploading, sharing, and tracking changes throughout a document's lifecycle. The Communifire document management system provides your company a better way for secure file sharing online and within your work environment. It gives your business the ability to quickly upload documents and share files online with others.

Manage Your Documents Online

Instantly upload all of your files and documents online and share them with the rest of your team. Provide easy access where your employees can download them when they need them.

Secure File Sharing

Communifire gives you the security you need. Use the permissions system to give select people access to the files they need to get their job done. Limit access to only those you choose.

Collaborate On Documents

Collaborate on documents and tasks like never before. Form teams around topics of interest and individual projects, upload your documents and files, and enhance the quality by collaborating.

Document Search & Organization

Now your documents will be better organized and easy to find. Use the powerful search to find what you need when you need it. Search the contents of all popular MS Office documents, too!

Get Started Quickly & Easily

Communifire is easy to implement and simple to use. You can get up and running in a few minutes and fully rolled out in less than a week. It's designed to be super user friendly, so there's virtually no learning curve for your employees.


Directories and Folders

The folder browser displays a file system tree similar to file browsers on operating systems which makes it easy for you to navigate through folders sub folders and files. The document and online file sharing section gives you all the file management functionality of a file browser. You can create folders, delete, rename, copy, cut and move files online as you would on your computer.

Upload All Your Files

Uploading your files is a breeze. A quick "Upload Files" button opens a window where you can drag-and-drop files directly from your desktop. You can also choose to open file browser to access the local drives and files on your computer, which simply lets you select the files you need to upload.

File Management Uploader

Set File & Folder Permissions

Your admin can set the file permissions space and folder wise. You can assign different groups of people different file access privileges. And your privacy and security levels can also be defined.

Secure Document Management

You'll Know When Someone Uploads Files

Communifire keeps you in the know and everyone up to date. When someone you are connected to uploads documents, or someone uploads files into a space or group you are a part of, you'll see these files in your activity stream. So if you're working on a project you'll be aware of the updates that are happening in real-time, allowing you to click directly into the file to view or download it and take action.

Document Management Notifications

View & Preview Your Documents Online

Each document or file gets its own page, stocked full of information about the document. The detail page enables you to view all of the details, information, and meta data for the file. It also gives you the opportunity to preview the file and look at what's inside before taking the time to download it. You can preview PDF's, Word Docs, Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoints, all of the Open Office formats, Text files, and if you have uploaded audio or video files, you can even listen to them or watch them too!

Document Management Notifications

Search Files, Inside and Out

Communifire's smart file search remembers everything, so you don't have to. It knows what you're allowed to find and helps you find it, instantly. It automatically indexes all of the files you publish, the file name, description, tags, and even the contents of any PDF, Microsoft Office & Open Office documents.

Document Management Search
Social Development & Integrations

Comment & Discuss Files

Comments can be added to any file, allowing users to note specific details that might be important for the rest of the team to know about. Simply click the comment icon or scroll to the comments section at the bottom of the page to spark a discussion.

Like Buttons

Give & get praise.

They're just about everywhere you'd expect them to be.

They allow you to give positive feedback to others about documents and files and comments they created.

When someone likes something, the owner of the content or comment will be notified. It also shows up in the Activity Ticker, providing yet another way for you to discover trending content and popular conversations.

Like Buttons
Rating Controls

Rating Controls

Bubble the best docs to the top.

Cut through the clutter and let people vote on the best content.

Communifire provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface to rate documents, allowing you to bubble the best to the top, making it easy to find valuable resources, information, and knowledge.

Here's What Makes Us Different

You have a few choices in this space. Naturally, we think you should choose ours. Here's why.

All-in-one Software

Communifire combines collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing tools into one unified platform, in one secure location. Why do you need five different accounts with five different companies when you can have it all integrated and working together?

More Power & Flexibility

Communifire is one of the only document management software platforms built on a flexible architecture. This means that you can use it right out-of-the-box and be successful. And when your company grows, you can customize it to fit your needs, because Communifire grows with you.

Better Support & Service

We'll help you set it up, customize it, and get up and running. Everyone at Axero is part of our customer support team and considers pleasing customers as the most integral part of their job description. Our success is tied directly to your success, so it's our job to meet your expectations.

SaaS or On-Premise

We'll host it and run it on our servers for you, removing the hassle of managing the hardware, updates, and security. But if you'd rather host it yourself, you can.

Your Style, Your Brand

Customize the look and feel of your site by uploading a logo and updating a few settings. For advanced control, you can include your own CSS styles and HTML layouts.

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