Communifire Integrations

Communifire integrates with most of the software you're already using.

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Microsoft Integrations

Out-of-the-box Communifire comes with prebuilt integrations with Microsoft Office 365. Take advantage of the benefits Office applications have to offer. Communifire takes it a step forward, making Office 365 even easier to use.

Outlook 365 Calendar

The most robust Outlook Calendar integration available. One-step easy authentication and full two-way sync of personal calendars, group calendars, events, invites, RSVP's, resources, and notifications.

View Outlook 365 Calendar guide

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SharePoint Online Documents

Connect SharePoint Online Sites to Communifire Spaces. Communifire's easy-to-use interface and powerful search make it easier than ever to find and access your SharePoint documents and folders.

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Microsoft Office Tools

Collaborate in Office and organize in Communifire. With the Communifire for Office 365 integration, users can open, edit and save Office files without leaving Communifire. Teams can co-edit files in real-time in Office Online, while the files are automatically saved and managed in Communifire.

Communifire File Sync for Microsoft Windows

The Communifire File Sync for Windows Desktop keeps all your local files in sync with Communifire, so you have access to the most up-to-date files you need. With the File Sync, you can map folders on your computer to Communifire Spaces. Files are instantly available in Communifire and on all connected devices that run the File Sync app.

View File Sync guide

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Connect Microsoft OneDrive to Communifire Spaces. Leverage Communifire's easy-to-use interface and powerful search to find and access your OneDrive documents and folders.

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Federated Search

Use Communifire’s powerful elastic search engine to search across your entire intranet—and all of your connected file repositories.

Search content in SharePoint Documents, OneDrive, Outlook Calendar, and your identity provider for employee profile information. Your employees can quickly access the information they need from a single interface.

Single Sign-on Integrations

Communifire supports Active Directory integration, SAML 2.0, Azure AD, and most social logins for SSO. After integration, users can log into your community without having to register for an account, and their data will be automatically imported. Your community will use single sign-on to verify users — no login required.

Azure AD

Leverage your existing Azure AD for single sign-on. Synchronize user employee profile data with Azure AD to automatically user profiles keep up-to-date. Sync Azure AD Groups to Communifire so employees are automatically added to workspaces.

View Azure AD guide


The Communifire ADFS / SAML 2.0 integration plugin allows you to setup single sign-on and tie into ADFS for SaaS licenses.

View ADFS / SAML guide


The OneLogin platform is an access management system that uses single sign-on (SSO) and a cloud directory to enable organizations to manage user access to on-premises and cloud applications.

Communifire integrates with OneLogin for single sign-on using SAML 2.0.


AuthDigital provides a flexible and easy-to-use identity solution that allows organizations to federate employee identity across cloud apps.

Communifire integrates with AuthDigital for single sign-on using SAML 2.0.

Salesforce SSO

If your organization relies on Salesforce for its identity provider, Communifire makes it easy to setup single sign-on. You must have a Salesforce account.

View SalesForce guide

Active Directory

The Communifire Active Directory integration plugin allows you to sync users, their information, and automatically log users into the platform. Keep employee profile information up-to-date automatically. Only available for on-premise installations.

View Active Directory guide


Okta provides cloud software that helps companies manage and secure user authentication into modern applications, and for developers to build identity controls into applications, website web services and into devices.

Communifire integrates with Okta for single sign-on using SAML 2.0.


SAASPASS provides two-factor authentication-as-a-service and secure single sign-on (SSO) for your physical devices, computers and digital applications with numerous ready integrations and adapters for on-premise, hybrid, custom and cloud applications.

Communifire integrates with SAASPASS for single sign-on using SAML 2.0.

Social Logins

Communifire supports all major social media logins. Ideal for smaller organizations who don't have an identity provider and want to make it easy for their users to sign in to Communifire.

View Facebook SSO guide

View LinkedIn SSO guide

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Other Integrations

Flexibility is why hundreds of companies and organizations trust Communifire as their intranet platform and digital workplace. There are many tools and widgets built-in to allow you to achieve just about any integration that you need. Provide links to other systems, display data visualizations, show a list of industry news, and tie into the REST API for more flexibility.


Communifire APIs are open, public, and powerful—for anyone who would like to build a custom integration. All data from within Communifire is accessible through the Users, Content, Spaces, Chat, Comments, and Permissions API. You can also use the REST API to push data into Communifire from your 3rd party systems.

View REST API guide

RSS Feed Widget

Display external news feeds in Communifire, such as industry news, company press releases, blog posts and more. Use the in-built UI templates to provide a beautiful and accessible way for your employees to consume external content.

View RSS Feed Widget guide

Data Visualization

Display content from third-party APIs using Communifire's RawHTML widget. Use JavaScript to tie into 3rd party APIs, then display the data using your own custom template.

View RawHTML Widget guide

Embed Codes

Most 3rd party applications provide you with JavaScript embed codes to display data outside of their platform. Simply copy and paste those embed codes into Communifire to display YouTube videos, Facebook, Twitter, and Yammer newsfeeds, Google Calendars, local weather, restaurant menus, and much more.

View RawHTML Widget guide

Direct Links

Display direct links to web pages and your existing software applications and web apps. Use Communifire’s LaunchPad widget to give your employees "quick-links" to where they need to go fast. Link to SalesForce, your CRM, payroll, and HRIS systems.

View Launch Pad guide

IFrame Widget

Embed external web pages directly in your Communifire website with the easy-to-use IFrame widget. Simply enter the external URL, set the dimensions, and Communifire will automatically display the webpage for your employees to access.

View IFrame Widget guide

Dynamic Data Widget

The dynamic data widget connects to a SQL database, executes a query, and displays the data in a custom template you create. The widget can also parse data from the URL to use in the query. With this functionality you can create a page with a list of data, then link each item to another page builder page that displays detailed data about the record.

All data consumed by this widget is also added to the Search Index and can be searched from within Communifire.

View Dynamic Data Widget guide

Migration Integrations

Moving from another platform to Communifire is easier than ever. We've built the plugins below to make your migration smooth. You can also migrate your content into Communifire using the REST API.


Move your Wordpress blog to Communifire in just a few clicks. Our migration plugin copies blog posts, categories, authors, images, and tags. They’re all nicely imported into Communifire Spaces along with corresponding Activity Stream posts and everything is instantly searchable.

View REST API guide


Move your ELGG blogs to Communifire in just a few clicks. Our migration plugin copies blog posts, categories, authors, images, and tags. We also copy ELGG groups and create them as Communifire. Everything is imported into Communifire Spaces, along with Activity Stream posts—and everything is instantly searchable.

View REST API guide

Looking for an integration you don't see here? We are happy to assist. Share your requirements and we'll help you with a solution.

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