Sales Collateral & Downloads

Gain access and download all of the Communifire product details, documents, and spec sheets. Share them with your colleagues or read them later.

We are fanatical about pleasing our customers.

From our first engagement through the trial of our intranet software, our focus is on determining if Communifire is the right solution for you. Often times, of course, it is. But sometimes it is not, and we admit that, and we can suggest alternatives.

Building trust, providing full transparency, and showing respect is at the heart of our sales team. We measure our success based on the happiness and success of our customers. We're not hard sellers and we're not going to pressure you into anything you're not comfortable with. We promise.

Part of this promise is providing you the necessary information to evaluate our software and services. We take an educational approach to marketing by actively sharing helpful and actionable information through our blog and resources. You can also download all of our sales documents and materials below. We do this so you can make an informed decision when selecting your intranet vendor. 

Documents Included in the Download (PDF)

  • Communifire Product Overview
  • Communifire Feature Tour
  • Communifire Mobile Apps
  • Communifire Technical Details
  • Customers and Case Studies
  • Launch Packages
  • Support Services
  • Support Policy
  • How to Launch an Intranet
  • How to Get Executive Sign-Off for Your Intranet

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