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Company Intranet Software

Company Intranet Software.

Intranet Software that's Easy to Use, Easy to Manage, and Easy to Learn

Fuel your internal teams and allow them to execute on the work they do everyday. No other intranet software gives you so much choice and flexibility.

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Company Intranet Software

Communifire has made it easier for executives and managers to encourage productivity in their employees – both individual employees and teams. These networks bring together a wide variety of tools that can provide incentive for individuals to be more productive, but they also provide links for team members who aren’t in the same location, speeding up communication and making interaction possible.

There are several benefits to using company intranet software – from productivity to consumer relations and even bringing new employees on board, these platforms can make a difference.


In business, productivity is more than just a buzzword. It’s one concept that executives and employees use to measure whether or not employees are doing their jobs properly and whether they are successful or not. Improving productivity has long been a challenge in the business world, whether on an individual scale or on a team scale.

Traditional social networks provide a distraction from the workday. Company intranet software for business is designed to do exactly the opposite. These networks are designed to make business easier and make it easier to focus and move projects forward. These networks put a variety of tools and information sources in one place, so that employees can focus on their tasks without having to stop in the middle of what they’re doing to hunt down other tools and information.

Whether teams need to communicate or share information with each other, or whether business owners are interested in boosting their customer relations, Communifire allows employees and executives to build databases that consumers can access to find their own answers, to allow employees to interact with consumers by responding to questions and requests for information.

These networks make it easier to bring new employees on board because they can help to streamline the process. Executives and managers can post content in specific locations for new employees to access; they can also create discussion boards for new employees to ask questions or provide feedback without having to hunt down the involved personnel for face-to-face talks.

If you’re looking for company intranet software to help your business, consider Communifire for your intranet platform. From shared calendars to discussion boards, content production to content management, Communifire can do it all.

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