Knowledge Sharing

Your Employees want to Share Their Knowledge. Give Them the Tools.

Communifire gives you the platform for effective knowledge management and sharing of best practices.

Knowledge Sharing


Improve Knowledge Sharing in Your Company with Communifire

Give your employees the gift of efficiency with Communifire.

Does your current system of communication help or hinder productivity? Do team members feel like they’re not recognized or listened to? Is it difficult to access crucial information without wasting time? As CEO, you’re responsible for smoothing communication gaps throughout your organization, and Communifire will help you do it.

Using Communifire’s knowledge sharing tools, keeping everyone inside and outside of your organization on the same page is seamless. Because Communifire’s features resemble popular social networks, making the switch is as simple, quick, and painless.

Prevent disorganization, miscommunication, and the pitfalls that follow by resolving to implement a scalable, future-proof communication system today. Between saving time, pleasing employees, and providing better service to customers, Communifire’s knowledge management software is a powerful solution for companies of any size.

Discover the ways in which virtual knowledge sharing can boost your business’ growth.

Benefits of Knowledge Sharing

  • Maintain consistent messaging, instructions, and specifications company-wide
  • Develop a system of collaboration that works for all team members
  • Customize features to fit the needs of different departments, franchises, or teams
  • Use Communifire to create a self-service support center for employees and customers
  • Distribute content, announcements, and accolades instantly
  • Streamline work processes to allow for better productivity and efficiency

Features Overview

  • Keep documents, conversations, and team members organized using custom groups. Use groups to segment departments, teams, or support services to personalize interactions while improving efficiency. Whether you need a secure place for the leadership team to meet or to discuss project specs with a client, you can create it in seconds with Communifire.
  • Make knowledge sharing between team members fun with social tools, including Likes, comments, and ratings. Review trending conversations within your agency by searching for #hashtags, tags, or key words. Invite others to comment when using @mentions, which automatically prompts the invited party to respond using notifications.
  • Simplify the brainstorming process with Ideation, Communifire’s innovative collaboration tool. Acting as a neutral space where ideas roam free, Ideation allows administrators to control permissions, add files, upload content, and gain approvals before moving forward with a concept. In addition to streamlining communication, Ideation reduces the time needed to take a project from conceptualization to launch.
  • Encourage everyone within your organization to provide support and assistance to others with published content. Promote unity, offer actionable tips, and promote knowledge sharing in general within Communifire’s platform. Because everything is secured within the cloud, the risk of misplacing information is virtually eliminated.
  • Communicate procedures, details, progress reports, and more using custom Wiki pages. Whether you need to add outbound links, videos, or detailed charts, Wikis can accommodate a variety of media. Want to track the evolution of a Wiki page over time? In Communifire, older versions of a page can be reviewed instantly.
  • Maintain awareness of how well your business is performing, from customer loyalty to employee satisfaction, by using polls and surveys within Communifire. View survey results in real time and review response rates without leaving the security of the cloud. A great way to take your company’s pulse, polls and surveys are quick and cost effective.

What is Communifire?

Communifire is a social business platform that integrates social networking, collaboration tools and knowledge sharing into a secure online environment.

Organizations of all sizes use Communifire to increase employee engagement, accelerate business collaboration, and build customer loyalty.

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