Knowledge Management Tools

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Knowledge Management Tools


Fuel Your Business with Communifire

Transform the way you do business with cloud-based tools from Communifire.

Are outdated communication systems, duplicate tasks, and time sinks getting in the way of your company’s success? What would your business’ customer and employee satisfaction rates look like if you implemented a cutting edge collaboration and communication platform? Enter Communifire — your company’s secret productivity weapon.

Whether your business is just starting or growing rapidly, Communifire’s knowledge management tools are designed to scale with your needs. Create a safe, secure, and accessible place for your employees to provide outstanding service to customers while keeping everyone on the same page.

Avoid time consuming emails, unproductive wait times, and inefficient phone calls when streamlining communication and collaboration through a single platform. A fun, easy-to-use alternative to traditional conversation, Communifire’s knowledge management software empowers each member of your team to do their best work using innovative tools in the cloud.


  • Simplify and organize communication streams for quick review
  • Conserve internal resources by creating an accessible information hub
  • Transform the process of IT, sales, and customer support in the cloud
  • Get employees excited about collaborating with customizable tools and social features
  • Provide education, project instructions, and training consistently to multiple employees
  • Employ various forms of educational material, like text, video, and images, to enhance learning

Features Overview

  • When brainstorming a project or initiative, enhance communication between important parties using Ideation. By controlling access to each space, Ideation ensures only those involved with a project can contribute. When ready to move to the next stage, use virtual work spaces to keep information, conversations, and files organized.
  • Acting as your company’s own content management system, Communifire features multiple knowledge management tools to perfect the flow of communication within your organization. Publish helpful blogs or in-depth articles to spark your employees’ imaginations or enhance an existing skill set. Encourage team members to read, comment, and rate content, or use comments to bring others into the conversation with @mentions.
  • Use #hashtags and tags to categorize conversations, files, events, and more within Communifire. By using Smart Search, a built-in feature, users can find relevant information in seconds by entering key terms or phrases. Because everything in Communifire, including files and conversations, is indexed, locating key information is simple.
  • Develop custom Wiki pages to quickly distribute topic-specific information. Businesses in various industries save time and resources by publishing data in one place where important parties can review it. From company history information to detailed project specifications, Wiki pages can be customized to serve many purposes. Viewers in a hurry can download Wikis in PDF form for later review.
  • Knowledge management tools available in Communifire, like polls and surveys, help you solicit feedback and ideas that can positively affect business metrics. Learn how your employees view your company, whether customers are satisfied, or if a new product idea is viable by sending quick surveys to employees or customers. Once complete, survey results are displayed in eye-catching charts and graphs.
  • Create virtual help centers and discussion forums to provide employees or customers with instant answers to common questions. Whether used for technical support, human resources, or customer service, knowledge hubs are convenient, cost-effective support solutions that are easily launched in Communifire.

What is Communifire?

Communifire is a social business platform that integrates social networking, collaboration tools and knowledge sharing into a secure online environment.

Organizations of all sizes use Communifire to increase employee engagement, accelerate business collaboration, and build customer loyalty.

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