Internal Communication within a Business.

Your business needs to communicate better and more efficiently.

Engaging communications catches on fast. Communicate better from management to employees and build a better place to work.

Internal Communication within a Business


Promote Fluid Internal Communication with Communifire

Enhance your organization’s ability to wow customers and engage employees with Communifire.

Has productivity and efficiency taken a back seat to time sinks and poor communication? Are employees frustrated with having to use outmoded methods of collaboration, like email and phone conferences, to get projects completed? Take the hassle out of daily tasks and streamline communication using a corporate cloud-based intranet.

Implement solutions your employees will jump at the opportunity to use when refining internal communication within a business with Communifire. Developed with innovative tools and user friendly navigation, our platform contains popular features, like social Likes, ratings, and sharing, that simplify collaboration and keep the lines of communication open.

Avoid lengthy trainings, undelivered messages, and sorting through endless emails when using Communifire’s internal communications software to streamline conversations. Between its compatibility with multiple devices and secure cloud environment, Communifire offers dynamic tools your business can use to impact outcomes.


  • Create a safe, secure place for employees to collaborate
  • Build an efficient system of communication that prevents data loss
  • Keep documents, videos, and images secure within the cloud
  • Develop organized work spaces for individuals, groups, and teams
  • Distribute updates and announcements to an individual or your entire business instantly
  • Track progress on departmental projects, goals, and outcomes

Features Overview

  • Inspire ongoing collaboration and sharing with Communifire’s built-in content management tools, which allow you to create Wiki pages, blogs, articles, photo albums, and more. When teams can access important information from anywhere, they’re given the tools needed to stay productive.
  • Foster a team environment that supports healthy discussion with forums and commenting. Whether you’re inviting feedback about a new initiative or creating a place to address employee concerns, you’re capable of anything with Communifire’s limitless digital possibilities.
  • Promote positive internal communication within a business by recognizing outstanding team members. Using gamification tools, Communifire makes it easy to encourage friendly competition among employees through leader boards, ratings, and badges.
  • Easily manage documents and files within your communication platform using the File Manager. In addition to controlling permissions, you’re able to segment items into important categories, enable viewer comments, and invite others to collaborate.
  • Monitor the buzz in your organization with activity streams and notifications. Featuring tools that feel like popular social media networks, Communifire makes tracking progress, collaborating, and promoting information seem like socializing (but, we all know it’s work).
  • Make internal communication within a business instant with chat and messaging. Send a direct message to a fellow team member or hold a discussion among a group — whichever way best fits your needs. For brainstorming sessions, use Ideation to streamline the process, invite clients to collaborate, and confirm approval before moving forward with a project.
  • Integrate Communifire with tools you already use, like LinkedIn, HubSpot, and Salesforce, to customize communication to meet your needs. Create a unique place for employees to gather in the cloud when using ASP.NET custom controls.