Internal Communication for Companies

Does your company communicate effectively?

Save time and money by improving internal communications with your business. Connect partners, employees, and customers like never before.

Internal Communication for Companies


Implement Communication Solutions Wour Employees Can’t Wait to Use with Communifire.

What solutions have you chosen to support your company’s communication infrastructure? Have customers or employees expressed frustration when attempting to complete simple tasks or receive support? If your teams are forced to rely on voice mail and email to collaborate, distribute updates, and complete projects, it’s time to re-examine your options.

Communicate more efficiently, enhance productivity, and improve messaging clarity when using Communifire’s internal communication software for companies. By enabling real time conversations and the ability to instantly share files, photos, and videos, you’ll inspire unity throughout your organization.

The answer to saving time and resources, Communifire establishes a neutral, secure platform that can be accessed from any location or device with an Internet connection. Whether you’re the CEO or departmental manager, bridging the gap between employees and administration has never been easier.

The Benefits of Implemeting Internal Communications Software for Your Company:

  • Create an amicable environment in which employees feel encouraged to ask questions
  • Streamline conversations and use tags to link content to specific departments, projects, or terms
  • Develop engaging training material using files, images, and video to expedite onboarding and cross-training
  • Implement a channel of communication accessible from any device and location
  • Help team members put a face to a name and build rapport with one another using social tools
  • Establish public or internal job and discussion boards to provide answers and opportunities

Communifire Give You Features to Help Improve Communication in Your Company.

  • Slowly gather a digital knowledge base of resources as questions are answered, problems resolved, and concerns addressed within Communifire’s platform. Control permission to content and benefit from automatic indexing, which enables users to quickly search for relevant information.
  • Invite others to join in on the conversation with @mentions, use #hashtags for specific campaigns, and use ratings to highlight top content. When internal communication for companies is designed to mimic the engaging features of social media, everyone becomes excited about collaboration.
  • Create, edit, and notify others of special events and meetings within Communifire’s calendar system. Allow employees the opportunity to absorb new information in a recorded webinar at their convenience by publishing content directly to the calendar. Associate images, video, and tags with scheduled events to keep information easily accessible.
  • Protect business assets, from customer information to proprietary documents, securely within the cloud when using Communifire as your company’s primary information channel. Establish both internal and customer-facing pages to enhance the flow of communication at all levels of interaction.
  • Managing internal communication for companies can become cumbersome without the proper tools. Keep conversations organized, convenient, and engaging with the use of messaging, chat, and notifications. Adjust permissions to restrict all users from seeing all content or make information public quickly and easily.
  • Distribute informative articles, engaging blogs, and thought-provoking research papers within Communifire. Update unrelated departments as to your company’s current and future initiatives while inspiring others to get involved.

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