Internal Communication Best Practices

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Internal Communication Best Practices


Take your company’s productivity to an entirely new level with Communifire.

Are your employees equipped with the tools needed to work efficiently? Are time consuming and repetitive tasks helping or hurting your business outcomes? If you’re like most CEOs, optimizing internal resources is a top priority. The solution to your communication challenges lays in the cloud.

Designed to help CEOs establish internal communication best practices, Communifire combines familiar social, content, and work flow management functions. Serving as a branded corporate intranet, our innovative software prepares your company for the future of commerce while keeping important business assets secure.

Avoid project delays, misinterpreted messages, and undelivered announcements when using Communifire’s internal communications software to manage your internal interactions. Because streamlining corporate communication makes everyone’s job easier, implementing a cloud-based solution enables your team to focus on client-related priorities.


  • Forge a connection between teams and departments with custom groups
  • Maintain engaging lines of communication with activity streams, announcements, and notifications
  • Instantly chat or message peers while keeping conversations organized
  • Use familiar social features to simplify and encourage sharing
  • Enhance transparency throughout your organization with Wiki pages and discussion forums
  • Improve management of case, project, and issue resolution in the cloud

Features Overview

  • Empower each member of your team to take an active role in company initiatives, share their expertise, and promote corporate harmony with content publishing and management tools. Between discussion forums, Wiki pages, and activity streams, communication within Communifire is simple.
  • Implementing internal communication best practices is the key to protecting your business from growth-related challenges in the future. Using a scalable platform, you can encourage effective interaction within a secure digital environment.
  • Motivate teams to focus solely on the most important tasks when using virtual work spaces to streamline communications. By creating a simple way for important parties to collaborate and eliminating communication barriers, your team has the tools needed to breeze through projects and positively impact your business.
  • Simplify the creation of events using a cloud-based corporate calendar. Manage executive meetings, arrange company-wide trainings, or announce special events with a built-in calendar and notification system. Boost meeting and event attendance when everyone can view, edit, and manage invitations in the cloud.
  • A flexible solution for every business, our software ensures internal communication best practices are consistently maintained throughout your organization. Noted as one of the most frustrating consequences of business growth, inconsistent communication threatens your ability to provide quality service, but Communifire’s features can be customized to meet the needs of every department.
  • Share images, photo albums, and video of corporate events to entertain and motivate employees. Whether you’re recapping a recent conference or distributing photos from an employee awards ceremony, use Communifire to strengthen your brand’s bond with team members and build loyalty.
  • Encourage discussions about a proposed initiative, current policy, or established procedure using customizable discussion forums. Apply content filters and employ moderation privileges to keep each discussion solution-focused. Once resolved, discussions are searchable and offer a great resource for new team members.