Corporate Communication Strategy.

Communication is everything. Connect your employees like never before.

Give everyone inside your company a voice. Make internal communications more fluid and connected. Create best practices and grow your business.

Corporate Communication Strategy


Develop a Successful Communication Strategy with Communifire.

Launch your company into the future of communication with Communifire.

What pitfalls has your company experienced due to poor communication? Have you tried to streamline conversations, projects, and files to no avail? Are you tired of back peddling to fix the confusion caused by communication errors? It’s time to implement a solution designed with your company in mind. It’s time to re-imagine communication with Communifire.

A wave of challenges can spark from one misinterpreted email, undelivered voice mail, or lost post-it note. However tame any of these mishaps may seem, they can result in lost productivity, poor customer or employee satisfaction, and lost revenue. Develop a corporate communication strategy tailored to your business needs with Communifire.

As leader, it’s your job to ensure that your internal communications software meets the needs of your employees both now and in the future. With technology continuing to advance, the time to replace outdated work flows and antiquated processes is now.

Explore the many aspects of your business that can be transformed when streams of communication are customized to your company’s needs, and develop a communication strategy designed to help your business succeed.

The Communication Benefits.

  • Give everyone within your organization a voice and encourage them to use it
  • Eliminate confusion about policies, processes, and procedures for all team members
  • Establish a secure method of communication that accommodates different learning styles
  • Incorporate a variety of media, from videos to images, to your communication system
  • Streamline and segment work flows with virtual work stations
  • Remain updated of task, case, and issue progress from anywhere at any time

Communifire Features Overview.

  • Promote transparency throughout your organization when using Communifire to manage information distribution. Create company Wiki pages dedicated to different topics, publish informative blogs and articles, or develop a discussion forum to address concerns.
  • Motivate team members to help others by sharing knowledge, providing advice, and offering solutions to common challenges. An important part of an effective corporate communication strategy, disseminating information with your organization is easy and instant within Communifire.
  • Easily manage staffing, coordinate meetings, and create special events using built-in calendars. Particularly when overseeing remote teams, shared calendars take the hard work out of schedule coordination.
  • Encourage existing employees to grow with your organization by adding a virtual job board to your company’s intranet. Show appreciation for loyal employees by giving them the first opportunity to try their skills in a new position while saving time and resources sourcing a new hire.
  • Invite clients to join a public or private community centered on your brand from Communifire’s platform. Control permissions to content, forums, and media in seconds while fostering unity among brand ambassadors.
  • Quickly find available team members and engage them in conversation using the platform’s chat and messaging functions. Collaborate with an entire team or provide feedback to a group using group discussions to achieve an effective corporate communication strategy.
  • Launch Smart Search to instantly locate communication streams relating to a keyword or topic. Further segment internal content by using #hashtags or tags to find important conversations and information, or invite others to participate with @mentions.

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