Communication Strategy Group

Connect groups of people inside and outside your organization.

Create an environment that inspires collaboration and propels your company’s growth with Communifire.

Communication Strategy Group


Develop a Communication Strategy with Communifire

Create an environment that inspires collaboration and propels your company’s growth with Communifire.

Is your current communication system keeping up with your organization’s needs? Have employees expressed concern about the flow of information throughout your company? Establish a system of communication that is easily accessible, fun to use, and efficient with Communifire.

Built with the needs of growing companies in mind, Communifire’s internal communications software takes the hard work out of developing a strong communication strategy. By using familiar social tools, our secure cloud-based platform is the perfect solution for CEOs who want to equip employees with an effective communication tool.

Keep everyone on the same page about projects, policy updates, new initiatives, and campaigns with innovative collaboration solutions in the cloud. Give your teams the tools needed to work together without communication gaps, hiccups, or undelivered messages.


  • Eliminate barriers to communication with messaging and chat
  • Use notifications and activity streams to keep everyone updated
  • Create virtual knowledge bases for quick reference
  • Encourage a dialogue about a specific topic with discussion forums
  • Develop a digital brainstorming space for teams, groups, and departments
  • Keep track of case progress, help tickets, and project statuses virtually

Features Overview

  • Use shared calendars to coordinate events, review staffing, or schedule meetings. Control who has access to calendars, send invitations, and monitor availability in seconds, regardless of your team’s location.
  • Develop a central location where a strategy group can take place. With virtual work stations, you can create spaces specifically designed for team collaboration, invite clients and external stakeholders to participate, and organize all notes, files, and documents pertaining to a project.
  • Monitor the pulse of your organization, ask for feedback, or solicit suggestions using polls and surveys from Communifire. Whether you’re planning to launch a new product, want to gauge your employees’ level of satisfaction, or want input on how to maximize corporate efficiency, built-in polls offer a simple way to do so.
  • Seamlessly manage tasks, monitor project completion, and delegate responsibilities with task management features. When using tools designed to create a communication strategy group, organizing each aspect of a project’s development is simple and quick.
  • Give teams the power of Ideation with Communifire. From brainstorming the next product launch to developing a new marketing campaign, Ideation simplifies collaboration so projects can be launched in no time.
  • Maintain a unity throughout your organization by helping team members establish rapport with one another. With company directory features and individual profiles, each member of your organization can quickly find peers, learn more about management, and get inspired to reach out.
  • Create group, departmental, or organizational information hubs with company Wiki pages, blogs, and articles. Promote sharing of important information throughout your organization by giving teams the tools needed to interact with branded content. Use content to inform, entertain, or inspire employees.