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Your people are everywhere, but work gets done here. Communifire combines the power of social networking, collaboration tools, and knowledge sharing into a secure online environment.

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Top Collaboration Software

Team collaboration can be difficult, even when team members and colleagues are all in a single location. When they aren’t, and you add clients into the mix, collaboration becomes that much more difficult. That’s why industry leaders have already embraced the top collaboration software, Communifire.

How Businesses use Collaboration Software

This platform helps your employees, clients and colleagues work more efficiently together all across the globe, no matter where they are. Communifire offers a variety of tools that make communication simple and might even encourage collaboration. From file management for colleagues in different locations to communication with clients and employees, Communifire’s collaboration tools make things simple.

This top collaboration software allows different parties to create web pages, articles and even upload photographs relevant to a project in order to keep everyone on the team informed; Communifire allows users to create polls and surveys, to schedule events and notify potential attendees at the same time and even to encourage competitiveness among employees with gamification.

When your employees are spread in multiple locations, file sharing and management can be difficult, unless you have the right platform in place. Communifire allows users to upload content with the drag and drop function, or to monitor the upload history for each file. You can set limits to who can access certain folders and to change them – and you can always roll back current work to a previous version if necessary. You won’t lose a preferred document version because of one document save command. These are just a few of the reasons that Communifire is a top team collaboration software choice.

In some situations, frustration in collaborative settings comes when team members don’t have (or don’t use) a uniform way to name documents when saving them to the company’s servers. This is less of a problem for those who use Communifire, because the software uses search technology that remembers every document and indexes it all. Users can set their own filters or streamline their search using preset content types, or search by space and location.

Why Communifire?

The best group collaboration software encourages users to engage and be involved in content creation. Communifire includes features like the ability to comment on any document, to rate and like the content as well. These tools are useful in encouraging team members to communicate and express themselves during the collaboration process.

What sets Communifire apart as a collaboration platform is the sheer variety of features it offers users and the controls it offers executives and managers.

Business applications like calendars and workflow tracking are combined with social and collaborative applications that are meant to keep employees on task while embracing social networking technologies – like group and private messaging, discussion forums, blogging, photo and video sharing. Bringing these applications and parts of life together often make it easier for coworkers to collaborate, no matter where they are.

Axeros’ top collaboration software simplifies things. – team members don’t need multiple accounts in different platforms to complete a job or to share project updates with clients – it’s all included in Communifire.

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What is Communifire?

Communifire is a social business platform that integrates social networking, collaboration tools and knowledge sharing into a secure online environment.

Organizations of all sizes use Communifire to increase employee engagement, accelerate business collaboration, and build customer loyalty.

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