Collaboration Tools for Small Business.

If you’re looking for easy-to-use collaboration tools for your small business, then you’ve come to the right place. Communifire is an integrated set of tools that you can use to connect your people, organize your work, and get things done.


Collaboration Tools for Small Business.

Your people are everywhere, but work gets done here. Communifire combines the power of social networking, collaboration tools, and knowledge sharing into a secure online environment. It’s easy to use, flexible, and scalable. 

Increase Productivity

Communifire helps you work more efficiently. Break down location, organizational, and time barriers. Connect, collaborate, and be more productive.

Save Time & Money

Break free from email, FTP, and shared drives. With all your content and conversations in one place, everything you need is usually one click away.

Work From Anywhere

Work with your preferred device. Communifire increases productivity by allowing anyone to work together, no matter where they are located.

Get Work Done

Form teams and collaborate online around topics of interest and individual projects. Work with people inside and outside your business.

Organize Your Information

Give your teams, projects, and departments their own spaces with permissions, and applications. Everything stays organized and easy to find.

Encourage Discussions

Break free from your email inbox. Communifire keeps your discussions in context, right next your content where they belong.

Working Smarter is Better.

Communifire makes it easier than ever for small businesses to work together and collaborate more efficiently. It’s even better than working together in person. Everyone knows what’s on their plate. Everyone knows what others are doing. And everything stays organized. All in one place. All in one system.

Online Workspaces

When it comes to collaboration tools for small business, online workspaces are at the top of the heap. A secure online workspace can be used as a means to meet a variety of different ends, making it one of the few “all inclusive” collaboration tools available to modern businesses. For those who are looking at a jumping-off point as an introduction to collaboration tools, this is it.

One of the key aspects of any successful online workspace is active discussion. Anyone who has ever used a popular social media network knows that discussion is the cornerstone of how these communities operate; online workspaces are no different.

In a virtual workspace, employees can freely share and discuss information with each other, whether it be through private messaging, content creation or forum posts.

Online workspaces are also great for sharing documents and files. File management is easy, making organization a non-issue. Users can share documents that might be otherwise too large for email, and once they’re on the server, they can be easily accessed at any time. In many ways, online workspaces serve as central hubs in which daily business activity can be conducted, which helps to cut down on wasted time spent dealing with a number of different applications.

Collaboration Tools for Small Business

Activity Streams

Knowing what’s going on in your organization is essential to finding success, and Communifire’s activity streams have you covered. Anyone who has ever used a popular social media service like Facebook will be familiar with how activity streams work — they highlight changes and updates that happen, in real-time. It’s your own personal news feed, always keeping you on top of things.

With your activity stream, you always have a handle on what’s going on. It’s a form of microblogging — users can “like” and comment on activity. The result is a constant discussion happening right on the homepage of your intranet.

Communifire’s activity stream helps employees and colleagues to stay aware of what each other is up to in the community. It’s social business taken to an entirely new level, and just another reason for modern organizations to embrace collaboration tools.

Activity streams

Task Management

Dealing with the day’s tasks in an efficient manner can often be more difficult than most people realize. An effective task management system is essential to getting the most out of the work week. Communifire’s collaboration tools for small business features just this, allowing you to delegate tasks to yourself or others in a streamlined, efficient manner.

Keeping track of what’s due and when is simple with Communifire. You can schedule project phases and due dates, for example, all with just a few clicks. It’s all part of the overall user experience, which favors ease above all else.

The task manager also lays everything out in an attractive, highly functional manner. Log into your space, have a look at what’s going on and make a decision regarding how to proceed; it’s all there for you.

Task Management Software

Personal and Shared Calendars

Communifire’s calendars make scheduling and keeping track of meetings and events a breeze. Everyone needs a personal calendar that isn’t meant for sharing with others, and this one delivers. Both comfortable and familiar, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more functional alternative.

Personal calendars may be important, but shared calendars serve just as crucial a role in day to day workflow. Communifire’s shared calendar system is robust, yet simple to utilize. You have the option of sharing either your entire calendar or individual events, giving you the flexibility you need to manage your workweek.

Calendar Software

Collaborative Wiki Pages

The ability to create and maintain Wiki pages comes along with a variety of benefits. Wiki pages are not only useful internally, they can be pushed out to the public to help build awareness and share useful information. Wiki pages are a major part of how modern businesses receives and processes knowledge — a major shift that has only begun to build steam.

When you’ve got great content on your side, you’ve need to have the ability to publish it without running into a variety of issues. Communifire is the perfect platform for doing so, as it allows for easy, intuitive content creation.

With Communifire, tagging Wiki pages is simple and effective. Tagging a page allows you to better organize your content, which comes in handy once you’ve built up a large network of Wikis. You can attach files, embed video and share your pages internally, externally or both — it’s all up to you.

Business Wiki Software

Blogging Platform

It’s no secret that blogging is extremely popular, and businesses that aren’t taking advantage of this practice are truly missing out. A quality blogging platform can help you to build an audience and add credibility to any business, but sometimes finding one can be easier said than done.

Communifire offers a robust blogging platform that will allow you to meet your goals quickly and efficiently.

Creating blogs is the best way to open up a stream of communication between your audience and your organization. The sharing of ideas & opinions helps to foster a strong relationship between the two entities, and facilitating this requires less work than most people realize.

When creating blogs in Communifire, you’re in control. Approval notifications make it so that nothing ever reaches the public eye without first being scrutinized heavily. The blogging interface is extremely user-friendly, ensuring that you don’t run into unnecessary obstacles that might delay production.

Business Blogging Software

Document Management System

Today, more and more businesses are encouraging employees to work remotely. For things to go smoothly, you’ve need to have an effective method for sharing files and documents. A proper document management system can make all the difference in the world and can keep potential disasters at bay.

Communifire features a highly intuitive document management system designed specifically to allow users to upload their files and share them with their coworkers. It’s a major improvement over email, which does nothing but cause problems when trying to send along large attachments. Organization in Communifire is easy, too, allowing you to save multiple versions of documents, preview before downloading and isolate files into specific folders.

One of the most interesting features of Communifire’s document management system is the ability to “like” and comment on documents and files that have been uploaded. It’s just another aspect of what makes collaboration tools so unique and why they’re being embraced by more and more organizations every day.

Social Document Management System

Case, Issue, and Bug Tracking Software

Collaboration software for businesses is highly effective when used for customer support purposes, and Communifire delivers. Customers and clients in your community can ask questions, leave feedback and provide solutions and suggestions for your products and services quickly and with ease, further opening up communication between you and your audience.

The ability to create cases and track issues ensures that your customers are never being left in the dark. There’s nothing worse than poor customer service, and Communifire’s organizational system can help to keep this all too common issue at bay when used properly. It’s as if your customer support just grew another limb, improving user experience on every end.

Bugs are unavoidable sometimes, especially when you’re in the midst of launching a new product or service. Communifire’s bug tracking software can help you to keep track of things when they go awry so that you can address them as soon as possible.

Issue Tracking Software

Video Sharing

Whether you’re producing your own videos or simply want to share the latest from the web, Communifire makes it easy to move forward. Video is a huge part of today’s Internet culture, and the more you’re able to do with it, the better.

Use Communifire to upload, tag and share videos with others on your team. Videos can be shared via the web or uploaded from your computer, putting you in full control of how you share your content. Sharing videos from popular services such as YouTube and Vimeo is especially easy and intuitive.

Communifire also allows you to embed videos into blogs, Wiki pages and discussions — you can even embed in documents. Web video is only going to increase in popularity, so flexibility is key here.

Video Sharing Software

Integrate with anything and everything.

Communifire is incredibly friendly to all sorts of different integrations. From Active Directory and Single Sign-On, to bringing in data and information from your other systems. Push news and content into your Activity Streams and Notifications. Add Communifire’s social features to your other systems. If you can imagine it, you can do it.

Integrate with everything

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