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SaaS Intranet Software Vs Self Hosted Intranet Software


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John said:
I kind of agree with most of the points mentioned, but given that companies (like ours) do not want to use our time worrying about hosting and upgrading the software, we would prefer the SaaS route, as long as we know that the hosting environment is extra secure.
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John, good point. From experience, we've found that there are many companies, just like yours, that don't want to have to worry about the server, hosting, and upgrades ... it all takes time and effort ... and for many, that time is better spent elsewhere. If you're using software out-of-the-box and in the cloud, and you don't need to customize it or lock it down anymore than it already is, then cloud is probably your best bet. Though, many cloud solutions only offer very limited customization options. However, when you go self-hosted (with Communifire, anyway), it opens up limitless opportunities by providing you with the flexibility to customize it to meet your vision of collaboration and how you think it should work for your business. More often, larger companies prefer to self-host, though more and more smaller companies are going this way as well. Thanks again for your input!
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