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10 Dead Simple Ways to Improve Employee Engagement on Your Intranet


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Rob Shapiro
Rob Shapiro said:
I would emphasize and build on a few points here.

For starters, keeping it simple is absolutely huge! If the platform you are using allows extra pages, tabs, widgets, etc. take a deep breath and pause. Like other kinds of professional documentation/presentation, see if you can constrain the look and feel to just 1 reasonably sized web page (a little scrolling is ok - alot of scrolling is not ok). Anything more risks traversing the jungle which is a very poor user experience. As a hint on how to do this, nothing should stop you from adding links or collapsible/expandable sections. Use the customer experience as your guiding light and use technology to intelligently place the light (i.e. overcome what you may have thought as impossible to do!).

Surveys. Great advice here and there is another very good way to do this: instant polls. If the platform you are on does not have the capability, ask for it! Alternatively, there are tons of sites out there to generate an instant poll and the good ones will actually let you embed the poll in any collaboration object such as a discussion or document. Tim's advice for surveys equally applies to instant polls (and perhaps more so because there are probably more constraints in instant polls than surveys you create).

Video. This fits many categories in this article and is worthy to comment on. When dealing with intranet, you likely want video to be "private". That means do not use Google - not even their private groups. Either ask you platform provider to give you video capability so that you can at least have a video library reference -or- consider signing up in many video cloud offerings that can give you privacy such as Vimeo, Kaltura or Brightcove (and all of these allow you to embed a video in a collaboration object like a discussion or document).

Video can be used in part or in whole to realize some of the goals Tim lists here: it is a means to provide personal training; it can demonstrate some aspect of clarifying goals; it can make your intranet more entertaining; it can put content creation in the hands of all staff; and, last but not least, it can provide senior management a resonating (and very cool) way to lead by example (and for which, sometimes leading by example is just having fun - a previous Sr. VP in our company created a Christmas video that, to this day, continues to inspire us!).

All in all, video has matured and has come of age which is why I have semi-ranted about it here (and no, I do not work for a video company!).
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Rob, thanks for commenting. I definitely agree on using video. And it's easier than ever to create videos with tools like Camtasia, Screenflow, Jing, or even using iphones or other mobile devices.
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