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Mandy said:
I am all for using these kinds of tools & I totally agree that there are many benefits to implementing them in the workplace. I have however removed these from our (small) web design business. Why? Here are my reasons.
- 50% or more of my team are in the younger age bracket mentioned and they are using these platforms at tea breaks so they are not missing out
- the communication can extend past work into unrelated matters & waste time
- written content as opposed to verbal can be mistaken as you dont necessarily understand the tone in which it is written
- Sometimes a 2 minute conversation will sort something out that may take 4-5 discussions over an intranet.

But the most important one for me is simply that we are so technology driven, we are losing the ability to hold an actual, real life verbal conversation! Its almost like you need training to do that at times.

We help people work out strategies to enhance their business and certainly dont discount the validity of using a social intranet in situations that require it, like a larger company or one whom is spread geographically.

Just dont forget the little guy in the corner, he might like to 'voice' his ideas every now & again, just to make sure it still works.
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Mandy, thanks for sharing your input. It's certainly an interesting approach to remove technology completely. There's nothing like face-to-face communication. Though when you add in the technology, it helps to keep everything organized, transparent, and accessible to the people that need it, when they need it ... and you're also building documented knowledge that can be referred to later. The beauty with written communication is that it can be collaborative, everyone on the team can edit/update the content until it is fully clear and understandable, and it can continuously be updated to "make it better." If the little guy is sitting in the corner not saying anything, then maybe you're not creating an environment in which he feels he can speak up! Ultimately, you'll know what works best for your situation. Thanks again for commenting!!!!
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