Internal Communications

The Social Theory of Internal Communications Software

On this page you will find a collection of our most popular articles and business communication resources, ranging from information about employee engagement, internal communications, external communications, community engagement, and more. When HR and communications professionals set out to improve communication within their organization, they often find it difficult to determine exactly how to get started. There are many possible challenges you may face when attempting to improve business communications in your organization. Use these resources to guide you to best results possible.

Internal communications software gives you the tools to let people share information for the greater good of the entire company as a whole. This type of communication can range from internal communication between employees, external communication with customers and partners, marketing, advertising, and more.

Effective communication in the workplace is ideal for organizations to be productive and accomplish goals. Forward thinking organizations put lots of effort into creating a sound and robust internal communication strategy. Often this strategy includes corporate communications tools, such as social business software, intranet software, collaboration software, and various employee communication tools.

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