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The Social Theory of Customer Service

The social approach to Customer Services both improves the customer experience and reduces the costs of providing that experience. By creating a community for your customers you open up two valuable channels for customers to service themselves, which many will prefer to do. First, you can create a knowledge base in your community from common questions that get asked, so your customers can search and learn about your product(s) on their own. Secondly, by opening up interaction between customers through forums and other collaboration tools, customers can help each other. A significant bonus to this approach -- in addition to high customer satisfaction and low costs -- is that it provides a greater opportunity and chance that the customer will learn and fully consider new uses for your products, perhaps leading to additional purchases, but certainly resulting in a greater sense of value from your offerings.

Creating a private space in your support community for each customer (or your most valued customers) emphasizes your commitment to them while allowing you to use a team-based approach to helping them. The sub-community dedicated to them, their concerns, and their projects, provides a breadth of social collaboration tools to work together while creating a single repository of information pertaining to their specific uses of your product that anyone on their team can access. It also means that you can leverage more of your team to provide more timely and comprehensive support with fewer dedicated resources.

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