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Your Intranet Your Way: Enhance User Experience with Beautiful Images and Design Tools

1/25/2021 5:15:32 PM

Your Intranet Your Way: Enhance User Experience with Beautiful Images and Design Tools

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Using Communifire is easier than ever

Happy New Year, Axero family! It’s been *quite* the year, but if there’s one takeaway in the work world, it’s that professionals like you need the flexibility to stay connected to your colleagues, projects, and organization.

As we welcome 2021, the Axero team remains committed to delivering you the exceptional service you deserve. Our primary focus is—and continues to be—boosting functionality and your overall user experience.

Here’s some key updates:

  • Access a new library of beautiful and free images with the Unsplash integration!
  • We added the Move feature. This allows you to copy and move content, such as blogs, files, and videos, between Spaces.
  • Use anonymous discussions to allow anonymous posts and replies.
  • Add tag fields in profiles. With this new feature, you can group employees together with tags and display it in their employee profiles.

Click here to see the latest Communifire enhancements.

Communifire How-tos and Tips

Brand New: How to use the Unsplash integration


Add beautiful (and free!) images to your content by unlocking the Unsplash integration. Once you complete the admin setup, users with permission will be able to access the Unsplash library. This is a nice and easy way to up your content game.

Easy Design: Create your Launchpad with the navigation widget


It’s easier than ever to have a standout Launchpad. Choose from templates or make your own creation with drop-and-drop features. Here’s how to do it!

Bonus Tip: Display content in side modals


With the side modal feature, there’s no need to leave a page to view important information! Add a button anywhere in your intranet to open a page in a side modal. The best part? No IT support is needed.

Read of the Month

7 Self-Help Tricks to Master Working from Home (or Anywhere Else)


Whether you’re working remotely or back in the office, staying engaged isn’t always easy. We know a thing or two about this—at Axero, we’ve been working remotely since day one. Here’s tips carefully curated from our CEO to help you stay on the top of your game.

Top Community Support Questions

How can I make a photo album visible for anyone to access?

Set your desired album as a "stock album" in the Control Panel—our support rep walks you through how to do it!

How do I change the browser tab name for a Space?


Your Page Builder is where you can change the title users see in their browser tab. All you have to do is update the “Meta Field” section. We show you how in this Q&A.

How do I add links to Space menus that will open content with a certain category?

Customize the navigation menu in your spaces with links to content or other important places you want your users to go to! Here’s how to do it.

How do I make a profile field mandatory?
It’s easy to make any field on employee profiles mandatory. All you have to do is go to your Page Builder—click the link above to see how.

How do I customize the "Getting Started" steps for new employees?

The “Getting Started” steps is the first thing new users see when they log into Communifire, so make it your own. Add new criteria, reword what's there, or remove a line. You have the power to make any adjustments you want in your Control Panel.

Can I restrict space admins from creating other spaces?

Yes you can! There's two options: 1) update permissions to disable the ability or 2) enable a workflow that will require space admins to get approval before creating a new space.

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Alex Hoey
Written by Alex Hoey

Alex is the Marketing Manager at Axero Solutions, dedicated to creating valuable content to help companies work smarter and together. Alex previously worked in communications and journalism throughout the tri-state area. 


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