3 Day Intranet Lightning Launch, Employee Recognition Tour, and 9 Ways to Make an Announcement

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What’s New in Communifire

We have a lot of exciting updates to share with you.

First, the entire Axero team is here for you. These times are challenging for everyone and our support team is here to make sure Communifire is working for you. We released an announcement outlining how Axero is responding to COVID-19 and additional resources to help your company stay on track when you’re working remotely.

Second, if you are new to Communifire and need to launch your intranet immediately, we implemented the Communifire Lightning Launch. This launch plan gets your intranet ready in 3 days.

Third, we will be releasing our new integrations with Google Calendar, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox soon. Keep an eye out for the email announcement.

Fourth, we added over 25 new enhancements to Communifire last month. Check out our latest updates.

Communifire How-to’s and Tips

How to strengthen engagement with Employee Recognition features
Send a quick kudos to team members with the Communifire Recognition feature. Here’s a high level tour of badges, programs, and our new recognition home base where employees can see what everyone is up to.

9 different ways to make an announcement
Make an announcement where your employees where will see it. Here’s everything you need to know about Communifire announcements––the different options and how they work.

Tips to create an inclusive work environment
When employees feel valued, they are empowered to own their jobs––sharing ideas and going the extra mile. In this blog post, we share tips to improve morale in your teams.

Customer Spotlight

How Sunlight Financial Helps Employees Stay Connected with Communifire as Headcount Grows

Growing businesses need the right tools to support new customers, employees, and innovation. In this month’s Customer Spotlight, we review Sunlight Financial––why they landed on Communifire and how they’re using their intranet to stay connected as their workforce expands.

Top Community Support Questions

Can a specific individual award badges?
Yes. You can do this by creating a role in Communifire for specific people.

How do I create a list of when users last logged into Communifire?
All the information is a click away in your Manage People settings––here’s how to do it.

Can I make a page in Communifire for members outside of my intranet?
Absolutely. We’ll show you how to add the system property to a specific space that you want others to access.

Read of the Month

Is Working Remotely More Efficient?

In 2015, our CEO, Tim Eisenhauer, spoke with Vault.com about the benefits of working remotely. Back then, more companies were resistant to the idea. Today, many companies are relying on remote work to continue business. We hope you enjoy this interview and find valuable takeaways to maintain productivity and engagement when employees work from home.

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