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Team Collaboration Software

Team collaboration software

Collaborate, share ideas, and work together on projects.

If you're looking for easy-to-use team collaboration software, then you've come to the right place.

Starting at $49 / month for 10 users.


Most team collaboration software allows you to share files, communicate with your team, and manage your to-do's. That's a given. But is that really enough?

Imagine a new kind of team collaboration software that's easy-to-use, gives you all of the basics, and allows you to do even more. Collaboration tools that improve your productivity, keep your team in the loop, and help you work more efficiently and effectively.

Communifire takes traditional collaboration tools and transforms them into a complete communication, knowledge management, and social collaboration platform, ready to meet the needs of your most demanding projects.

"Communifire covers all of our collaboration needs in one online location - managing projects with our partners and customers, internal communication, and even content management. Phenomenal is the word I use, we hit the jackpot with Communifire."
Chuck Vigeant
President, Clearify
Communifire Helps Your Business:

Collaborate More Efficiently

We've got the bases covered. You get advanced communication tools, easy-to-use task management, personal & group calendars, activity streams, notifications, and secure online file sharing.

Launch Online Workspaces

More than just a folder or a page, a work space is an entire community loaded with content and productivity apps for work. Instantly setup dynamic online workspaces for your people to communicate, collaborate, and work together. Spaces are a simple, yet powerful way to manage people, content, and conversations.

Manage Content With Ease

Publish, share, and collaborate on content like never before. Make better decisions by centralizing knowledge, because everything is organized in context and easy to find. Empower your employees to innovate and improve productivity, accelerate engagement, and encourage meaningful contributions.

Get Real Work Done

Collaborate on projects and tasks like never before. Form teams around topics of interest and individual projects. Work with people inside and outside your business - all in one place.

Get Started Quickly & Easily

Communifire is easy to implement and simple to use. You can get up and running in a few minutes and fully rolled out in less than a week. It's designed to be super user friendly, so there's virtually no learning curve for your employees.

Here's What Makes Us Different

You have a few choices in this space. Naturally, we think you should choose ours. Here's why.

All-in-one Collaboration

Communifire combines collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing tools into one unified platform, in one secure location. Why do you need five different accounts with five different companies when you can have it all integrated and working together?

More Power & Flexibility

Communifire is one of the only team collaboration software platforms built on a flexible architecture. This means that you can use it right out-of-the-box and be successful. And when your company grows, you can customize it to fit your needs, because Communifire grows with you.

Better Support & Service

We'll help you set it up, customize it, and get up and running. Everyone at Axero is part of our customer support team and considers pleasing customers as the most integral part of their job description. Our success is tied directly to your success, so it's our job to meet your expectations.

SaaS or On-Premise

We'll host it and run it on our servers for you, removing the hassle of managing the hardware, updates, and security. But if you'd rather host it yourself, you can.

Your Style, Your Brand

Customize the look and feel of your site by uploading a logo and updating a few settings. For advanced control, you can include your own CSS styles and HTML layouts.

Your people are everywhere. But work gets done here.

Now you can form teams to collaborate securely online around topics of interest and individual projects. You can work freely with people inside and outside your business, because everything you need is in one place. Assign tasks and due dates, share ideas and documents, and never miss a beat with regular updates in your activity stream and notifications.


Spaces & Groups

Create virtual online workspaces for your company departments & project teams.

Create a space, a single central location for your project. Bring teams together to collaborate across departments. No matter where they're located. Limit who can do and see what, if necessary. Never lose a thing. Everything's organized and in it's right place. Right where you'd expect it to be. The social nature of Communifire encourages sharing ideas, showing support for others, and accepting help in the spirit of teamwork and shared objectives.

Discover more about Spaces

Online Workspaces

Task Management

Everyone can keep track of their tasks & to-do lists.

Keep track of what's due, when it's due, and who's responsible for getting it done. The task manager is great for scheduling project phases, due dates, and deliverables. Quickly organize your tasks by creating lists, keeping similar tasks grouped together. Drag-and-drop tasks to order them in the sequence they need to be done, then check them off as you complete them. Use the filter options to hide and show your lists, see the tasks you've completed in the past, and display them by the space they are located in. Everyone gets their own personal task manager and each space has one too.

Social Intranet Task Manager

File & Document Management

Sharing and Storage Made Smart.

Communifire makes old fashioned document management modern. Files and documents become collaborative with comments, like and follow buttons, and rating controls. Upload and share them with others quickly and easily. Drag-and-drop them from your desktop or use the built-in content browsers. View the upload history of each file, with features to roll-back to previous versions if you need. Set fine-grained permissions on individual folders and choose who can view, upload, edit, and delete them, so things are always organized for you. Preview entire documents in your web browser before downloading by using the advanced file viewer.

Intranet Document Management Software

Personal & Group Calendars

Never miss a date again. Ever.

Organize your schedule and keep track of meetings and important dates. Share your entire calendar with everyone or invite specific people to individual events. Never be late for a meeting again. Ever. Because you can set up custom reminders that let you know where you need to be and when you need to be there. And now you can plan into the future and save time by creating recurring events, so you never miss a date, a birthday, or important gathering. Each person in your company gets their own calendar and every space is setup with a group calendar, too. With Communifire team collaboration software, it's easy to view your calendar information by day, week, and month, giving you plenty of options for scheduling. There's also a mini-calendar so you can quickly drill into the date you need to get to.

Social Intranet Calendars

Activity Streams

With activity streams, you're always in-the-know, because everyone is more aware of what's going on and what other people are doing. A real-time stream of all the latest developments, content, and conversations you are connected to. It's microblogging and a feed of new content in one place. You can post status updates to let everyone know what's up, @Mention people to bring them into the conversation, and add #hashtags to provide context and make things easy to find.


Activity Streams Software

Smart Search

Search, sort, and filter on your own terms.

Everything is just a click away. The search remembers everything, so you don't have to. It's super smart, because it knows what you're allowed to find and helps you find it, instantly. It automatically indexes all of the content you publish, including wall posts, comments, and the contents of any PDF, Microsoft Office & Open Office documents. Use the extensive filter to target your search by space and location, by content type, and tags. You can even create your own search filters by using managed tags. Communifire's search is powered by the extremely rich, flexible, and powerful Lucene full-text search toolkit, which can index practically any type of text document and retrieve it for you in milliseconds.

Social Intranet Search Software


Take Your Ideas From Concept to Reality.

Source thoughts, opinions, and ideas from your employees, customers, and partners. Give them a platform to voice their ideas, vote on them, and have the most important ideas bubble to the top. Ideas are made social with commenting and like buttons. There are many different collaborative tools to help you discuss ideas and build consensus. Wikis. Forums. Polls. Ideas. Blogs. And everyone can comment on everything. Add in like buttons and ratings and everyone becomes involved in making things happen and getting things done.

Intranet Ideation Software

Content Publishing & Collaboration

Tools for Sharing and Working Together

Publish, share, and collaborate on content like never before. Make better decisions by centralizing your companys knowledge, because with Communifire, everything is organized in context and easy to find when you need it. Give your employees the power to innovate and improve productivity, accelerate their own engagement in projects, and encourage meaningful contributions.

Discover more about content & collaboration

Intranet Content Management Software

Discussion Forums

Spark Up a Conversation.

Forums, the heart of old school online communities, still have a value and purpose for collaboration today. Engage people throughout your social intranet in an open discussion about a question or topic. Mark a thread on a post as an answer to the question, highlighting it as part of your searchable knowledge base for future reference.

Intranet Forums Software
Social Development & Integrations

All Your People. All Together.

Everyone is always on the same page.

Since Communifire's team collaboration software keeps everything organized, everyone gets the access and updates they need to do their jobs. They get updates from their spaces in their personal Activity Stream and Notifications. It brings everything they care about directly to them. So no matter where your people are located, you always have one unified business collaboration space.

Easy Integration with
Anything and Everything.

Now you have unlimited possibilities.

Communifire is incredibly friendly to all sorts of different integrations. There's really no limits.

About 85% of our customers use Active Directory integration or some sort of Single Sign-On features. Use the built in Open API and the powerful REST layer to push news and content into your Activity Streams and Notifications or pull data from Communifire into your own existing systems.

And since Communifire is also a social development platform, you can even add social features and its advanced ASP.NET custom controls directly inside your own software platforms. If you can imagine it, it's likely you can do it too.

Social Development & Integrations

Why Communifire?

  • Many Use Case Scenarios
    Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, you get a single, integrated platform for multiple solutions.
  • You Get Customizable Security
    Built with security in mind, Communifire uses the most modern technologies to keep your business data safe.
  • Apply Your Own Style & Brand
    From branding and customization, to integrating with your existing systems, you can make it truly unique.
  • It Adapts to How You Work
    Your business is unique. Communifire is designed to be flexible, you have full control over how it works for you.
  •  Easy to Learn, Easy to Use
    Communifire doesn't require lots of training -- because it was designed with concepts you are already familiar with.
  • Bring Your Own Device
    Communifire gives you an exceptionally fluid interface that adapts automatically based on the device you are using.

What our customers have to say.

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"The Communifire product is a stellar solution. I really wanted to thank you for everything you have done for us and the team here at OpenText."

Carlos Oliveira

Senior Director, OpenText

"Before Communifire, it was next to impossible for us to assemble people to work on projects. Now it takes seconds to build a team, and we get to focus on actual work. For us it was a game changer."

Neelmony Pannu

Senior Consultant, Department of IT, Government of India

"Communifire powers our intranet, our public facing website, and our blog. Super easy to use ... and with every release it gets better and better - and that's really cool."

John Fike

Founder, WheatgrassLove.com

Communifire Social Intranet Software

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