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Social Network Software in ASP.NET

Social Application Development Platform

Next-Gen Social Networking Framework

Communifire is the premiere ASP.NET social networking software platform. A modern toolset that brings your vision to life.  With the tools you know & technologies you love.

Have it your way.

Communifire is more than just software – it's an extensible ASP.NET-based social networking platform.  Now you can make new tools, create useful integrations, and deliver exceptional, next-generation online experiences.

Build the next big thing

Rapidly build your apps on top of Communifire. It's easily worked with, expanded, and adapted to your exact specifications. It’s a foundation that opens you up to a universe of limitless possibilities.

Extend your own software systems

Integrate Communifire and add the power of social, collaboration, and community to your existing products. Improve your competitive position. Enhance user experience. And increase engagement.

Realize your vision, as you see it.

Move beyond just having your community look unique - make it truly your own, from the homepage through every corner of your site. You are in complete control. If you can dream it, you can build it with Communifire.

Accelerate time-to-market

Today, high-speed innovation is essential to keep up with market demand. Leverage Communifire's extensive feature-set and the knowledge of the Axero team to bring products to market faster than ever.

Reduce development costs

No need to hire expensive ASP.NET developers. Utilize your existing developers to build forward thinking social apps. Save costs on developer operations and worry less about the underlying infrastructure.

Now you can focus on what to build instead of how to build it.

Communifire provides an extensive toolset for addressing the challenges associated with building and managing a modern community with social network software. User management. Security. Mobile. Email. Blogs. Forums. Search. And much more are instantly accessible.

Content types

Comes packed with all of the content types and community features you expect. Activity Streams, Like buttons, rating controls, CMS, blogs, wiki, discussion forums, spaces and groups, articles and news, events, task manager, calendars, and tons more. You can even add your own.

Content Management Software

Visual Studio accessible

Communifire self-hosted licenses come with the solution and project files, allowing you to open and customize it in Visual Studio. Everything becomes instantly familiar for any .NET developer.

Visual Studio

Visual Studio Toolbox

Communifire's custom controls can be easily added to your Visual Studio Toolbox for easy drag-and-drop into your own custom pages or in your own software application.

Visual Studio Toolbox

Well documented

Communifire uses the best practices and design patterns thoughout it's entire source code. Your development team can quickly learn and easily understand the inner workings.

Well Documented Code

GitHub Ready

When you go with the self-hosted or source code version of Communifire, we'll optionally set up your own forked GitHub repository ... so you can stay updated in real time with all of the latest patches, fixes, and updates.

Github Ready

Generic content control

Use this control anywhere to display a repeated list of items, such as blogs posts, articles, photos, videos, events, and more. Inside and outside of Communifire. Display these items based on tags, individual users, or any combination of tags, users, and spaces. There are unlimited possibilities. It's a very powerful control that allows you get just about any combination of data that you'd like to display ... and we have already created and included a number of pre-styled layouts for you to use, customize, and make your own.

Custom Controls

User management system

Communifire contains a complete user management system. Validate credentials. Create and modify user roles. Manage user settings like username, email address, and passwords.

ASP.NET Social Networking Software

User profiles

Each user profile contains the basics, like email address, username, first and last name, password, etc. You can move way beyond these and create your own profile fields for contact information, work information, or any other type of information you'd like to collect.

Company Directory Software

Role-based permission system

Communifire uses a fine-grained, role based permission matrix to manage access to different parts of the system. Permissions are mapped to roles, and each user can have multiple roles.

Permissions System

Email system

Easily add your own outgoing email servers for sending welcome messages, notifications, password requests, and so on. Communifire can also receive email and create content items like cases, blogs, and forum posts.

Email system

Email template management

There are lots of actions that happen in Communifire that trigger emails to be sent out. The emails all have default content. They use mnemonics for personalization. You can add, edit, and manage the templates that are frequently required within the system.

Email Template System

Bulk email sending

Easily blast out rich HTML or text emails to all of your members. You can also choose to send mass emails to specific roles or a set of individual users.

Bulk Email Sending

Branding & Logo

There's a simple web form to upload your logo, favicon, and change the header color to match your look and feel. No web coding required for branding.

Customize Branding

CSS overrides

Communifire ships with a core CSS file. You can further customize this CSS by adding your own CSS overrides directly into the admin interface.

CSS Overrides

Localization in any language

Communifire uses custom resource providers to manage static content within the platform. There are no RESX or XML resource files used. All resources are managed through the database. You can change these, add your own, and even use them to add completely different languages.


Managed tags & metadata

All the content in Communifir can be tagged with keywords. Communifire suggests popular tags. And you can create your own managed tags.

For example, if you want to allow users to tag content as relevant to a particular office, set up an 'offices tag group.' Every time ("San Francisco", not SFO and San Fran). You can then use these Managed Tags to filter content in search, to show just content associated with the San Francisco office.
Managed Meta Data

Naturally SEO friendly

Communifire creates SEO-friendly URL's for each and every page. Just about all search engine optimization is done automatically. Advanced users can override the automated SEO features and provide custom content for your meta tags, H1 tags, and even your URL structure. There's also a nifty URL Mapping feature that allows you to configure 301 redirects when you move or rename pages.

SEO Friendly

Media server management

Communifire supports flexible and scalable file storage settings to store files like photos, videos, and documents. A media server is a registered storage location where your media files are stored. You can add multiple server locations ... and if you fill up a server you can simply add another one.

Media Servers

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