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Knowledge Base Software

Social Knowledge Base Software

Communifire makes it easier than ever to build a useful knowledge base. Document and share knowledge. Provide self-help resources. And create happy customers.

Post content once and have it learned by many.

Communifire is the most flexible social knowledge base software -- it helps your employees and customers find the right knowledge, answers, and information when they need it most. Document knowledge collaboratively. Build knowledge organically. And find the best content by sorting or searching. You will increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce operational and support costs.

Anytime access to answers and info.

Your customers expect the very best customer support experience from you at the time that is convenient for them and through the channel they prefer. 

Provide self-service support

Customers help themselves by searching or browsing information online. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Reduce phone & email volume

Knowledge base software reduces phone and email volumes by providing customers with information and self help options.

Shorten employee training time

New and existing employees acquire job knowledge faster. Reducing training time and increasing job quality.

Encourage feedback and interaction

Invite your people to get involved. They'll help develop and identify the most valuable content in your knowledge base.

Eliminate repetitive inquiries

Providing accurate answers could be as simple as redirecting your customers to one of the knowledge base articles.

Do it all with just one platform.

Communifire delivers a social knowledge base experience that's simple, intuitive, and engaging for your customers. It provides a solid foundation for managing the platform with ease and efficiency.

Now multiple people can work as one.

From public knowledge base sites like Wikipedia we see the potential of wikis to document knowledge. In Communifire people use them to document what they know quickly and easily, including photos and videos for extra clarity. Your wikis can be edited and expanded upon by others with additional insight and expertise to create a complete resource. Creating wikis within appropriate spaces and in a logical hierarchy puts knowledge into the hands of people who need it, when they need it, instantly.

It gets better over time.

Wikis are great when you're proactive about creating documents -- but it doesn't stop there.

Communifire enables you to build the best knowledge by being reactive -- by responding to questions and engaging in discussions. Your answers can be identified, tagged, and searched. And at the same time, your knowledge base grows organically, without the hassle of planning it out ahead of time.

Crowdsource & discover the best knowledge

Communifire lets you leverage the crowd to find the best content and bubble it to the top.

People can focus in on the best content.  They sort knowledge and answers by highest rated, category, sub-category, date, or tags. It's easy for them to drill down to what they need. As more people review the content, the better it gets. You can create your own homepage and suggest your own curriculum for information seekers.

Find what you want, when you need it.

Once information is in Communifire -- whether in wikis, discussions, Q&A or anywhere else -- the knowledge base pays off over and over again. The search is smart, it knows what you're allowed to find and helps you find it.

Plug in a few search terms and the most relevant answers appear. Regardless of where they are in the community, always respecting permissions. Filter the results to a particular space, a particular type of content, or to particular tags. Create your own search filters using managed tag groups. The paradigm quickly shifts from asking questions to finding answers.

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