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Social Customer Support Software

Customer Support Software

Build Customer Relationships.

Communifire is an easy, straightforward way to provide excellent 24/7 customer support. Your customers can help themselves, each other, and work with your team privately.

Build & retain customer relationships.

Create a community for your customers where they can serve themselves with a library of wiki documents, photos, videos, and other files. Open up a discussion so they can help each other find answers to common questions. Turn on case management so they can submit private questions and issues to your support team.

All the support you need.

From help-desk to self-service.

Communifire is a social customer support platform that allows you to provide the enterprise-level support your customers expect. Communifire has everything you need to collaborate with your customers and build lasting business relationships.

Case management

Communifire simplifies your support team's workflow with meaningful organization and streamlined systems for answering questions.

Discussion forums

Forums, the heart of old school online communities, still have a value and purpose for collaboration in today's social collaboration.

Support spaces

With Communifire it's simple to stay organized.  Create individual support spaces to organize your support around topics, customers, or products.


Your customers help themselves by searching or browsing an available public portal.  Give them a quick path to the answers they need, when they need them.

Knowledge base

Deflect costly, repetitive questions. Your support becomes more efficient. Nothing slips through the cracks. Everything's organized and much easier to find.

Actions speak louder than words.

Communifire delivers a social support experience that's simple, intuitive, and engaging for your customers and employees. It provides a solid foundation for managing the platform with ease and efficiency.

Issue tracking without the issues

Communifire includes a complete online ticketing & case management system. It saves you time and reduces phone call volume. Your customers submit tickets, track their status, and interact with your support team directly. With more detail than is typically possible over the phone. When a ticket is created or updated, everyone that's involved is notified immediately. Your response can be quick and thorough.

Issue tracking software

Roll out the red carpet for your VIP customers

Create private spaces for your special clients, business partners, and privileged customers. Open up a greater depth of interaction with your customers. Bring your team and their team together to share files, communicate, and collaborate. Everything related to your customer is available in one place. All of the collaboration tools in Communifire are at your fingertips. Everything is secure from other members of your community. And everyone can communicate and make faster, more informed decisions.

Roll out the red carpet for your VIP customers

All your customers. All together.

Create vibrant communities where your customers interact with each other. Experts are easy to find. Questions get answered faster. You will reduce support costs by empowering customers to share their knowledge and expertise. Create lasting connections and relationships when customers answer each others' questions. Build loyalty and increase customer satisfaction.

All your customers. All together.

Self-service made smart

Make your most-requested content available 24 / 7. Upload your user manuals and guides, publish how-to photos and videos, and create helpful content directly from your browser. Everything becomes social and available. Make it public or put it behind a login. It's up to you. Once it's available, it's discoverable by searching -- so anyone can find answerswhen they need them.

Self-service made smart

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