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ASP.NET Social Networking Framework


Communifire Tech Specs & Data Sheets

ASP.NET Social Networking Framework

ASP.NET Powered

Communifire is developed using the ASP.NET Framework, C#, MS AJAX, jQuery and Microsoft SQL Server with generous notations. It's built with an n-tier application architecture, making it possible to change or update one layer without recompiling or modifying other layers.

System requirements

Below is a list of the compatible operating systems, databases, web browsers, and recommended hardware.

Development Platform Microsoft ASP.NET 4.5 / C# / Visual Studio.NET / jQuery
Database Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014
Webserver IIS 6.0 or above
Hardware Min: 2GB RAM, Pentium 4 and above, 1.0GHz and above

Supported browsers

Communifire is supported to work on the web browsers below:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari

MSQL Server database

All data is stored in a MSQL database server with an optimized database schema and stored procedures.


Communifire uses SignalR for real-time communications over websockets, a new HTML5 API that enables bi-directional communication between the browser and server.

Built with Bootstrap & jQuery

Communifire utilizes the Bootstrap framework, which is a sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development. And it heavily utilizes the jQuery framework, a cross-browser JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Integrate your own single sign on across your business applications to make life easier for your users. About 85% of our customers do it.  And you can too.

Active Directory

Tie in with your existing Windows Active Directory. Define mappings between Windows security groups and Communifire user roles. As user accounts are created in AD, they are automatically added to the roles in your Communifire community.

Webfarm ready

With distributed file system tools to synchronize files aross servers, you can choose between single instance file servers and multiple servers. If hosted on a load-balanced web farm there is nothing to prevent Communifire from accommodating millions of users.

Architecture & Framework Overview

By developers, for developers. The Communifire ASP.NET social networking framework architecture is based on a scalable and robust N-tier, enterprise SOA architecture. It contains fully object oriented code, an optimized database schema, strongly typed objects & collections, data caching, and a unique state management system. Communifire can scale to accommodate the most demanding high-traffic communities.

Open API

Communifire's open and flexible architecture and API makes it easy to establish connections and links with other business applications. We can certainly help, but most developers will find enough resources to manage most of these task on their own.

.dll API

Add the Communifire dll's to your own app and truly integrate them together. Utilize Communifire's vast array of custom controls to bring a whole new social experience to your application.


Utilize the Communifire REST API to GET and POST data using any programming language you want. Extend Communifire to integrate with your existing business applications, 3rd party web services, and even mobile apps. Flexibility built right in.

Provider Model

Communifire is built on a flexible provider-based framework. Data access logic is encapsulated by a base provider abstract class, coupled with a well defined set of methods.  

Event-driven model

Makes it easy to "hook" onto certain events and plug in your own custom code to run before and after events. You can also override the default Provider classes that come with Communifire with your own custom versions without needing to modify any core source code.

Communifire controls

Utilize the in-built Communifire controls that add social functionality to existing ASP.NET controls. Communifire is much like it's own development platform, making it super simple to add social features into your own applications.

Content controls

Communifire comes with an extensive set of controls that builds on top of ASP.NET Repeater controls. You can rapidly display lists of data such as blogs, articles, wiki pages, events, users, spaces, etc. Just drag-and-drop from the VS toolbox, set some properties, and load the page.

Generic content control

Use this control anywhere to display a repeated list of items, such as blogs posts, articles, photos, videos, events, and more. Inside and outside of Communifire. Display these items based on tags, individual users, or any combination of tags, users, and spaces. There are unlimited possibilities.

Caching flexibility

Communifire uses the .NET Cache object to cache frequently accessed data. The platform also comes with a Memcached plug-in and a caching provider framework so you can plug in your own caching system without modifying the source.


Your security is our priority. We understand that security is an extremely important aspect of your business. It's very important to ours, too.

Single Tenant Architecture

Each customer gets their own independent database and instance of the Communifire software -- each customers data is completely separate from one another.

Application Security

Communifire is well tested against SQL injection attacks, malicious JavaScript code, cookie hijacking, and cross site request forgery. CAPTCHA image technology is used to discourage and prevent automated spammers.

Secure Connections & Encryption

Communifire SaaS and Self-hosted installations can be secured with SSL/TLS, if needed. Passwords are encrypted using AES Rijndaehl algorithm (with proper hashing) and query string parameters are encrypted when necessary.

User Security

Communifire uses a fine-grained, role based permission matrix to manage access to different parts of the system. Permissions are mapped to roles, and each user can have multiple roles.

Backups & Recovery

For SaaS customers, we take daily and incremental backups of the software and database. Each customers backup is completely separate from one another. Self-hosted customers can easily set up their own backup options.

Hardened Operating Systems

System installation using hardened, patched OS to provide ongoing protection from exploits. Dedicated hardware firewall. Intrusion detection services to protect against unauthorized access. Distributed Denial of Service mitigation systems.

Physical Security

Data center access is limited to authorized data center technicians. Security camera monitoring. Biometric scanning for controlled data center access. 24x7 onsite staff. Unmarked facilities to help maintain low profile.

Operational Security

All Axero employees are trained on security and privacy procedures. Access to confidential information and hardware infrastructure is restricted to authorized personnel only.

Extendible Security

For customers needing more than what is already built in, Communifire is flexible to allow customers to plug-in their own security providers and encryption algorithms, overriding the defaults.

Communifire Data Sheets & Downloads

Communifire Feature Tour

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Communifire Feature Data Sheet

A downloadable, condensed data sheet covering Communifire's features.

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Communifire Spaces Overview

Overview of Communifire Spaces. What they are, what they can do, and how you can use them.

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