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Social Business Software Features - Communifire Tour


Capable of amazing things

And all of the little everyday things, too.

Communifire is an incredibly rich social platform.

Your team is ready to take advantage of everything Communifire has to offer. Before you know it,
they’ll be collaborating on projects and working together. Better than ever.

Activity stream

Your Activity Stream gives you a summary of all the new stuff that you need to know about from the people and groups you are connected to. It's microblogging and a feed of new content in one place. Everyone is more aware of what's going on and what people are doing.

Activity streams

User Profiles

Give everyone a face and a voice - make everything more personal and more human. Profiles include personal, work, and contact information, an activity stream, an index of the content they've authored, and the spaces they are a part of.

User profiles

Real-time notifications

Notifications give you quick access to the things that are all about you. They're always ready and waiting for you. It knows what you need to act upon before you do.

Real-time notifications

Chat & Private Messaging

Instantly communicate in real-time. See who's online and open up a conversation. Bring entire groups together with group messaging. When the person you want to talk with is online, the message comes across as a chat. It is also available in your inbox.

Chat & Private Messaging


Any device. Any browser. Anytime. Anywhere.

It doesn't matter what device you are using. Why should it? Communifire is available on all modern mobile browsers.


Task Manager

Keep track of what's due, when it's due, and who's responsible for getting it done. The task manager is great for scheduling project phases, due dates, and deliverables.

Task Manager


Organize your schedule and keep track of meetings and important dates. Share your entire calendar or invite people to individual events. Get reminders by email and in your notifications. Set up recurring events so you never miss a date.


Spaces & Groups

Spaces are places for content and collaboration -- use them for bringing people together for a project, a specific topic, an interest group, or connecting company departments. They're like sub-communities where new people get caught up quickly and veterans don't miss any new developments.

Spaces & groups

File Sharing and Management

Files and documents become collaborative with comments, liking, and ratings. Manage versions and choose who can see, upload, and delete files in each folder so things are always orgnized. Preview entire documents before downloading using the file viewer. And share them quickly and easily with others.

File sharing & management


Build and share collective knowledge and best practices. Use this flexible online document to collaborate, share ideas, plan projects, create a knowledge base, and much more. Attach files and embed videos and photos to paint the whole picture. Extend the conversation into the comments to get the whole team on board.


Discussion Forums

Forums, the heart of old school online communities, still have a value and purpose for collaboration today. Engage people in an open discussion about a question or topic. Mark a thread on a post as an answer to the question, highlighting it as part of your searchable knowledge base for future reference.

Discussion Forums

Photo Sharing

A complete photo sharing experience. Upload and share photos in albums. Insert them into blogs, articles, wikis or comments directly from your computer or from one of your community albums.

Photo Sharing

Video Sharing

Share your own productions or the best of the web. Upload, tag, and share videos with the rest of the team. Share videos from popular services like YouTube and Vimeo. And easily embed them in other content - like blogs, documents, and discussions.

Video sharing


A complete enterprise level blogging platform. Open a channel for people to communicate and encourage the sharing of ideas and opinions. Approval workflows are available to make sure nothing gets out that doesn't fit your brand. Now there's no reason to hold people back.



Make a big deal of your latest and greatest. Keep everyone inside and outside your community up to date with articles -- great for sharing news, press releases, and more formal information.

News & article manager


Source thoughts, opinions, and ideas from your employees, customers, and partners. Give them a platform to voice their ideas, vote on them, and have the most important ideas bubble to the top. Ideas are made social with commenting and like buttons.

Crowsourcing & Ideation

Smart Search

Knows what you're allowed to find and helps you find it. Use the extensive filter to target your search. Create your own search filters based on your own custom managed tag groups. What you're looking for is usually just a click away.


Case & Issue Tracker

Customer support, help desk, and more. Support your community by keeping track of questions, providing IT support, or handling customer support tickets.

Case & issue tracker

Polls & Surveys

Take the pulse of your community.  Let people tell you what's important to them through single-question polls or multiple-question surveys. Surveys can even be scored to offer immediate feedback on a person's responses.

Polls & Surveys


Encourage community engagement. Members compete with themselves and with each other to contribute in the community. Earning points for each engagement, members can work to be the greatest contributor and work to achieve point milestones you setup.


Web Pages

Create your own static pages for your community or specific groups. As simple or elaborate as you need, these can include indexes of information or whole pages of detailed information and images.

Web Pages


Monitor hot topics and the latest community buzz. Evaluate key metrics on users, content, and spaces. Gain valuable insight and social intelligence. You'll know what's working and what can improve.

Coming soon

Community Analytics

Audio & Video Conferencing

A phone call now comes with a friendly face. Group conversations are better than ever. Get together over video and voice. Have more engaging conversations and be together from anywhere.

Coming soon

Audio & Video Conferencing

And all of the little everyday things you expect.

Content editing

Powerful WYSIWYG editor

Create tables. Embed media. Bold, italicize, and strike text. Create and align tables ... it's all there. Everything you need to format your content the way you want it look.

Full-screen editing

This distraction-and-clutter-free editing mode lets you edit pages, blog entries, articles, events and more using your full browser window.

Drag-and-drop uploads

Drag photos from your desktop directly into the browser to upload files quickly and easily.

Embed photos

Upload photos directly into the content editor, position and re-size them.  They're also added as attachments.

Embed videos

Embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video sharing service on the web.  

Embed external media

Embed slide shows, presentations, documents, and more.  Just copy and paste them into the editor.

Smiles and emoticons

Add some mood to your posts and include a rich set of emoticons.

Code highlighting

You can easily add code examples to your posts, HTML, CSS, C#, Java, Javascript, etc.  It will be nicely formatted and displayed.

HTML editing

If you're familiar with HTML you can quickly and painlessly drop it into the editor.  

Automatic URL generation

As you type URLs, the editor is smart enough to know you're typing a hyperlink and automatically adds the proper tags behind the scenes.

Find & replace

Quickly search for every occurance of a specific word or phrase, then optionally replace it with another.

Undo & redo

Allows you to easily correct mistakes. Undo reverses the last action. Redo undoes the last undo action.

Bulleted and numbered lists

Apply consistent formatting to lists with a minimum effort.  Quickly create numbered and unordered lists without having to know HTML.

Preview before you publish

Take a look at your work to make sure it's right before you put it out for the rest to see.

Attach files

Upload files as attachments to content that you post.  Drag and drop them right from your desktop.  They'll be displayed at the bottom of your content - similar to how you'd attach files to an email.


Correct spelling mistakes on the fly with the spell checker.  Never make a mistake again.

Featured content

People with the proper permissions can designate content as featured.  Featured content shows up in different areas of the community, making sure that your people see what they need to.

Tag content

Apply keywords and keyword phrases to your content to make it easier to find. Tags are auto-suggested as you type and the popular tags are easily identified. Tag clouds display the most frequently used tags with links to search results.

Title images

Upload and designate an image to represent your blog post, article, video, or event.  Title images are displayed along with your content when it's shown in lists throughout the community.

Meta information

You have full control over the H1, meta title, description and keywords.

Paste from Word

Copy and paste content directly from Microsoft Word into the editor.  This feature cleans out unnecessary formatting from Word, making every post visually appealing and consistant.

Communication & connections

Private messaging

Send private messages to one another or to groups of people for confidential information sharing.  Highly integrated with the chat feature, when the person you want to talk with is online, the message comes across as a chat.  It's also available in the inbox.

Group messaging

Bring 2 or more people together in a private chat.  It works just like private messaging.

Bulk email sending

Blast an update out to the entire community by using the bulk email feature.  Designate groups, roles, or people. And send them text or HTML based emails.

Friending & connections

Friend and follow people in the community. When you follow or friend them, you'll see their activity in your Activity Stream.  


Communicate instantly.  Members can see a list and count of the people who are online.  Click on the user to initiate a real-time private chat.  Chats are stored in each user's inbox for later.


Send a message directly to someone by @mentioning them in a post or in comments.

Social integration

Your users can register and login using their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google logins.

Announcement banners

Configure an announcement across the top of your spaces and pages.

RSS subscriptions

Subscribe to blogs, articles, forums, or cases using your favorite RSS reader.

Email subscriptions

Subscribe to spaces and activity to receive regular updates of new content.

Wall posts

Share info to the wall, similar to how you'd do it on popular social networks.  Share links, @Mention people, and even add #hashtags to your posts.  


A social feature that you'll see on almost every piece of content in the community.  Provide your input, expertise, and feedback. Anywhere and anytime.

Commenting, like, and rating

Complete commenting features

Our completely integrated commenting system supports multi-tiered, threaded comments. All comments have individual like counts and rating controls.

Comment moderation

You can set your comments to be sent to a moderation queue before they are shown live on your site.

Reader comments feedback

Comments can be flagged by readers to identify spam or trolls. Comments can be automatically moderated upon reaching a certain flag count.

Anonymous comments

Enable/disable anonymous comments.

Comment management

Approve, deny, or flag comments from the comment itself. Or manage these in your MyAccount or admin section.

Bulk comment management

Perform bulk operations on your comments from your MyAccount or Admin section.

Likes & Dislikes

All content, including comments, have Like and/or Dislike buttons and counts. Turn off dislike if you want.

Rating features

All content, including comments, have rating stars. Rate from 1 to 5 stars. Rated content can then be sorted in the site search.

Customization & Branding

Community homepage

There's a default homepage, but you can also choose any page to be your home. Any page.

Bootstrap integration

The user interface is built on Bootstrap, a sleek and intuitive UI framework that allows for rapid development. Everything you can do in Bootstrap you can do in Communifire.

CSS custom overrides

Customize the look and feel of Communifire without even having to touch the CSS file. Add your own styles and update the look and feel on the fly.

Logo and favicon upload

Quickly and painlessly upload your logo and favicon to Communifire using the convenient online form in the Admin section.

Built-in mobile access

Communifire includes a unique mobile experience that matches the overall style of your website. So your content will look great on every device, every time.

Automatically responsive designs

All pages are completely responsive and work on any modern mobile browser.

Custom code

Inject custom code in your site's header or footer on a per-page or site wide basis.

Dynamic properties

Unique functionality allowing you to "inject" any custom HTML, Javascript, or text in the Communifire UI pages.

Localized content

All static content is stored in the database, so you can change any text you want ... conveniently from your admin section. You can also use any language you want.

Automatic Translations

We're tied into the BING translator. With the click of a button, you can translate your Communifire site into any language you like.


The assets are located in the /themes folder in the root of the application. A default theme is provided. You can easily copy this folder and create your new themes.

Valid CSS

Web pages use CSS based styles using "div" tags. Tables are only used when it absolutely makes sense to use them.

Logical folder hierarchy

Web pages are properly segmented into their own respective folders.

System Admin Control

User roles & permissioning

Create as many types of users as you like. You control who sees what. Set permissions at a community level or a space level. You can also create finely-grained permissions at a content level.

Profanity filters

Communifire can be configured to prevent community members from submitting text with specific words. Comments or ideas with offensive language are placed in a moderation queue for censoring or deletion.

Custom media servers

Your users upload lots of files into Communifire. Add your own additional servers and map the drives to store the media and files.

Email template management system

Make group emails a breeze. Use your own unique, template-based email system to create and send customized emails to all or a selecte set of members.

Queued emails

Have a large community? Your email settings can be configured to send a number of emails, every so many minutes. Helps you from overloading your email servers.

Import contacts

No need to build your community from scratch. Unlock the people you already know from such online contact lists as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail. Communifire lets you import their information directly into the application for a ready-made community.

Managed tag groups

Establish fixed lists of tags that members can apply consistently to content, making related content discovery a snap.

URL mapping

Switching to Communifire from an existing website? Keep your search engine rankings. Communifire lets you take them with you by mapping your old URLs to the new ones using dynamic redirects.

Moderation for all content

Don't worry about giving up control. Administrative features let you remove inappropriate content and fully manage all blogs, blog posts, and other content.

Custom workflows

Customize content approval workflows by editing an existing workflow or creating one from scratch.

User / space auto assignment

Auto assign users to your spaces and groups when they sign up. Based on email domains and wild-cards.

Exception log

Bugs happen sometimes. And when they do happen, we keep track of them -- then fix them with a smile.

Localization & time zones

Set your time zone settings to display all dates and times relative to your own time zone. Stay on top of what's going on in your community, no matter where you're located.

Multiple domains

Communifire can run on multiple domains and even in multiple virtual directories (licenses for each domain are required).

Activity stream settings

You can choose what you want to see, or not see, in activity streams. You can do this at an admin level, and users can further configure it for themselves.

Manage your recent activities

When something happens in the system, an 'activity' is logged. These show up in the activity stream and ticker. Easily remove these, if you want, from the admin area.

Member log-in options

Allow users to log-in with their username, their email address, or both.

Image resizing

Choose the sizes that your images will be re-sized to. Large or small, we let you decide.

Stock photo albums

Upload a bunch of photos to a gallery and then set that gallery as a stock gallery. Anyone posting content can choose from these photos to embed in their content.

Space management

Space administration

Each space comes with its own admin area where you can control all settings inside your space.

Space settings

Update the space name, description, and settings.

Space custom homepage

The activity stream for the space is the default space homepage. You can also choose to set any other page as the homepage.

Space photo

Upload a photo to represent the space to make it easily identifiable in the space directory.

User roles & permissioning

Create as many types of users as you like. You control who sees what. Set permissions at the space level. You can also create finely-grained permissions at a content level.

Application settings

Turn on or off the different applications inside a space.

Member management

Each space has a full user management module where you can add, edit, and remove members from a space.


Invite existing users in the community to your space, enter comma separated emails, or connect to a gmail account to invite people to a specific space.

Join requests

If your space has user moderation turned on, you will see a list of people that have requested to join the space. Approve or deny their access with a click of a button.

Content workflows & moderation

Set up workflows that published content must be approved and travel through, before going live.

Copy space

Copy settings from an existing space into a new space for rapid deployment of new spaces.

Manage your recent activites

When something happens in your space, an 'activity' is logged. These show up in the space activity stream and ticker. Easily remove these, if you want, from the space admin area.

Search engine optimization

No plug-ins necessary

Communifire includes all known best practices for SEO without the need for additional plug-ins.

Indexed and searchable

Communifire creates pages with clean HTML markup that is easily indexable by search engines.

Page titles

You have full control over your page titles, including the ability to create different title schemes for your homepage, item pages, and collection pages.

Clean URLs

All primary pages on your Communifire site contain clean URLs that are easily indexed and read by search engines.

Meta tags and H1 tags

You have full control over your H1 tag, meta descriptions, and keywords for all entities and all pages.

Robots.txt editor

Edit and update the robots.txt file for your site from the admin area. No FTP necessary.

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