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Discover The Communifire Platform

From connecting your people and streamlining communication to enhancing collaboration and managing content, Communifire combines it all into an integrated social business platform. The result? You get more out of each feature because they all work together.

Social & Productivity

From dynamic activity streams and instant notifications to task management and calendars, these apps will keep you in-the-know and your projects on track.

Content & Collaboration

Built to meet the needs of today's business, these tools are designed specifically for sharing a wide variety of content and working together to get real results.

People & Profiles

Give everybody a face and a voice with your new company directory and vibrant personal profiles. Connect everyone and make your business more human.

Spaces & Groups

Spaces are places for content and collaboration, use them to bring people together for a project, a specific topic, an interest group, or connecting company departments.

Social & Productivity Apps That Keep You Updated & Engaged

Now you can stay on top of the latest developments and never miss a beat, because activity streams and notifications bring it all together for you in one place. Keep track of important dates and your to-do's with the calendar and task manager. Everything falls into place when your team uses Communifire. 

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Social & Productivity Apps
  • They give you a summary of all the new stuff that you need to know about from the people and groups you're connected to.
  • Keep track of what's due, when it's due, and who's responsible for getting it done. Manage project phases, due dates, and deliverables.
  • The heart of old school online communities is still useful today. Engage people in an open discussion about a question or topic.
  • Notifications give you quick access to the things you need to act upon. They're always ready and waiting for you.
  • Organize your schedule and keep track of meetings and important dates. Share your entire calendar and invite people to events.
  • Source thoughts and opinions from your employees and customers. Give them a platform to voice & vote their ideas.
  • Instantly communicate in real-time. See who's online and spark a conversation. Bring entire groups together with group messaging.
  • Support your community by keeping track of questions, providing IT support, or handling customer support tickets.

Content & Collaboration Tools for Sharing and Working Together

Publish, share, and collaborate on content like never before. Make better decisions by centralizing knowledge, because everything is organized in context and easy to find. Empower your employees to innovate and improve productivity, accelerate engagement, and encourage meaningful contributions.  

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Content & Collaboration Tools
  • Keep everyone inside and outside your business up to date -- great for sharing news, press releases, & formal information.
  • Use this flexible online document to collaborate, share ideas, plan projects, create a knowledge base, and much more.
  • A complete photo sharing experience. Upload and share photos into albums, then insert them into blogs, articles, & wikis.
  • It's smart. It knows what you're allowed to find and helps you find it. Search the entire community and inside your spaces.
  • A complete blogging platform. Open a channel for people to communicate and encourage the sharing of ideas and opinions.
  • Create your own static web pages for your business or for specific groups -- design them as simple or elaborate as you need.
  • Share your own productions or the best of the web. Upload, tag, and share videos with the rest of the team to tell the whole story.
  • Post your company job openings to your very own job board. Hire from inside or outside your business.
  • Upload, manage, and organize your files. Files and documents become collaborative with comments, like, and rating controls.
  • Manage and share important happenings and events. Send out invites & collect RSVP's. Upload photos and videos.
  • Take a pulse. Let people tell you what's important to them through single-question polls or multiple-question surveys.
  • Imagine having your employees find value in visiting your intranet homepage, it becomes a resource that they use daily.

People & Profiles

So much depends on how well your people are connected.

With modern user profiles for all your people, your business is more personal and more human. Profiles include personal, work, and contact information, an activity stream, an index of the content they've authored, their relationships, and the spaces they are a part of. Quickly find the expertise and knowledge you need to get the job done.

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People & Profiles

Spaces & Groups

Instantly setup dynamic online workspaces for your people to communicate, collaborate, and work together. Spaces are a simple, yet powerful way to manage people, content, and conversations — even for your most complex projects.

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